Tuesday, November 17, 2009


As my husband was leaving for Atlanta the other day, he asked me, "Do you need the GPS for anything?"

"Nope," I said, knowing I was going to be sticking to well known places for the next few days.

Fast forward to today. I loaded Drew in the car to take him to his Aunt Glenda's house while I worked at the food pantry at church for 2 hours. We didn't have to be at her house until 12:30, but I wanted to swing through CFA (Chick Fil A) to use my awesome coupon for lunch, so we left the house at 11:30. Good thing cause the CFA line was wrapped totally around the building. No problem though. We were early.

We got to her house a few minutes early so I ate my lunch and tried to feed Drew some of his. I left Glenda's at 12:30, knowing I'd be a few minutes early to church.

I chose to take the highway instead of the interstate since it was closer. Of course a dump truck pulled out in front of me. No worries (minus the THREE rocks that hit my windshield--no cracks, honey)--I was running early. About 15 minutes passed and I realized I hadn't hit Coldwater yet.

"Shiesh, this dump truck is really slowing me down!" I thought. About 2 minutes later I figured out why I hadn't passed Coldwater. I had taken Hwy 51 NORTH instead of Hwy 51 SOUTH. Instead of heading south to drop off Drew, then further south to go to church, I had instead headed south to drop off Drew and back north to my house!

Needless to say, I was embarrassingly 15 minutes late instead of early and was almost too embarrassed to explain why--because I'm severely directionally challenged.

I think I'll be mounting the GPS permanately into my vehicle.


Luke & Amanda said...

You sound just like me! In high school, I left a friend's house (who I had been to several times) trying to get home, and made the same mistake oh Hacks Cross! At least the highway looks similar both directions. Hacks is two lanes south and 4 north! Duh!

love you and so glad you like the bow!

Ben and Audrey said...

i've done this so many times!!! we really want a GPS, we've been talking about getting one for months. i know it would really be helpful to me!!

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