Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Tree Disaster

To all of you out there who let out a "bwa ha ha ha" as I spoke of putting up my Christmas tree without toddler precautions, I concede. You were right.

Christmas tree + shiny ornaments + lights + 16 month old= DISASTER

I need a recording around my neck that says "no, no." However, I would need to change the batteries more than once a day because that's how often I say it. I think he actually thinks the name for ornament is "no." (Yep. Just said the repeated phrase it as I typed it out...And he's still standing there holding an ornament.) This tactic is not working.

Here are the basic scenarios we're seeing by the hour:

--Drew stares at the tree. Then he turns and looks at me with the most mischievous grin. I give him a stern look and say, "No. Don't touch the tree." He then turns and jets at lightning speed towards the tree, putting his little toddler hands all over whichever ornaments he can get on.

--Drew adds TO the tree: a toothbrush, some lint, a pacifier, etc.

--As I'm doing the dishes, I hear, "Na na na na na!" (Translation: "No, no, no, no, no) He then comes running to me to bring me two ornaments from the tree. We replace them all while saying, "No, no, no." Repeat. Repeat again. I pull some hair out--my own, of course. Repeat. Repeat.

You get the picture. Unfortunately, you don't get a picture of my tree. Originally, it looked pretty cute. To my dismay, but for my sanity's sake, most of the ornaments got moved to the top half of the tree. We definitely will not win "most beautiful tree," but at least all my ornaments won't be broken. Well, unless the whole tree falls over because it's top heavy. In that case, we'll have plastic ornaments next year.

Oh, speaking of broken ornaments, we're at far.

My new plan is to buy Drew a miniature tree at Hobby Lobby on Friday with his own nonbreakable decorations that he can decorate and undecorate as he pleases. Getting him a miniature version of "big people stuff" usually works well for him. I'll let you know how that goes.

Let me guess. You're laughing at me again? ;)


The Washington Family said...

No, I'm not laughinh at you because I have a predecorated tree for my nine month old. she can do as she please with it and I'm considering a gate for the tree. this year I did not put up my village collection. :(

Jackie said...

Awww...I am sad for you. Not laughing in the least. I think we are doing a table top tree for sure for our little 14 month old. Just TOO much temptation. Now where to find one??!?! And this is entirely sad for a girl that would start listening to Christmas music in July if my husband would let me. Just remind ourselves that one day we will look back and wish we still had these days, right? :)

Amanda said...

I'm sure we'll be joining in on this kind of "fun" with Eli, too. :)

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