Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy 16 Months, Drew!

This last month has brought about lots of intellectual changes and accomplishments!
  • You recognize family members' names and can match the name to the person. For example, "Go give this to Granna," and, in a room full of people, you take the ball to Granna. You did this for several family members, and I was so impressed! I didn't know you had made the connection of names outside of Mommy & Daddy! (This leads me to want to make a photo book with your favorite people!)
  • You know the names for so many items, even though you don't verbalize them yet. Broom, vacuum, train, ball, cup, chair, phone, etc.
  • You follow more commands now. For example, "Put this on the table," and you do it.
  • You can sing "that" song and hit the notes so well. I'm banking on you loving to sing...and being good at it! ;)
  • You're attempting to say more words, but only when you feel like it! (ie, not when people ask you to repeat something.) You've tried saying: ice, banana, yes, deda, and oakley
  • You're pretty much in an 18 month size clothes now. However, the pants are still too long. You're stuck between 12 months in some pants, 18 months in others!
  • You have cut almost 16 teeth! Some are not completely through yet, but they all seemed to come at once!
  • You really like: putting caps/tops on things (you love putting the cap on a coke bottle), playing with the steering wheel, your lawnmower, being outside, climbing, playing with lightswitches, the vacuum, opening and closing doors/cabinets/drawers, being held, your see n' say, books, animal books, playing with phones, singing, chocolate milk, bread, french fries, goldfish, and saying the word "no."
  • You really don't like: having to sit down, being put down in the shower, brushing your teeth (getting better though!), and being confined in the carseat for too long.
  • You took your first long trip (Dallas, TX) in the last month and did SUPER!
  • You played on your first fast food playground.
  • Went to Chuck E Cheese for the first time.
  • Daylight Saving Time is kicking our toushy. You went from sleeping in 'til 9:30 to sleeping in 'til 7:30. I'm missing those extra 2 hours.
  • You take a good nap in the afternoon on most days. Today it was 3 hours long (miraculous!) and at night you go down around 8:30-9:00pm.
This has been a really fun month! I enjoy seeing you make new connections each day between words and actions. This next month will bring lots of excitement and rule setting as the Christmas decorations go up! We are looking forward to celebrating your second Christmas with you and making lots of great memories! We love SO much, little boy!

Mommy & Daddy


Amy said...

I do declare Jessica and Drew could be twins!!!!

Hilary said...

So proud of him!!

Anonymous said...
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