Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Thoughts

Ever have one of those nights where you have 500 things on your brain, but none of them relate? No? Oh. Well, I have them all the time. In fact, I feel that way tonight. I don't know if this list will total 5, 10, or 13 random thoughts. Let's take it from the top...

1. I got an awesome deal on Target wipes today. 16 boxes of wipes for 9 bucks. Thanks, Audrey!

2. I don't like arguing with my husband. Good thing we can't stay mad at each other long. When we look at the other we start smiling. I love that about us.

3. My son pitched constant fits in Target today because he wanted to run around on his own. What age do they start holding hands again?

4. I was reading through my Bible last night about all these things that God dislikes. It included murderers, jealousy, adultery, etc. Then, just as I was thinking I was safe, it said, "outbursts of anger." Ugh. Caught. Sometimes between the screaming and messy house and phones ringing, the stress just goes to the top of my head and I have a minor blow up. I am not perfect. Thank God His grace is sufficient for me.

5. Oh and that whole gentle and quiet spirit of a woman thing in the Bible? I gotta work on that, too. Sometimes my ways are none too gentle.

6. Our sit-in preacher the other day explained a good reason to us why some people have to go through bad things. You know where the Bible talks about the seed that got thrown on the side of the road and the birds ate it up? Did you know that some seeds have to be eaten by a bird and go through its digestive tract and be pooped out before it can produce? It's true! So it is for some people. Some of us just have to go through a lot of (excuse the term) crap. It would be unfair to call what some people go through (cheating, loss of children, physical loss, etc) to be poop. No. It's far worse than that. But they go through this stuff because God knows at the other end of this "digestive tract" is going to come a beautiful person who will bear great fruit!

7. Drew is going through a naptime funk. We went from 2.5 hour naps to 1 hour. Not pretty.

8. I'm sitting amongst a pile of coupons, begging to be sorted. My fridge is begging for food. My loving husband told me I shouldn't go to the store tonight. "Relax instead." So here I sit.

9. I mess up so many times a day. Not the type of sin that is public, but a sin is a sin. I pray daily to be a godly wife, mother, and person. Some days are so much harder than others.

10. How soon is bedtime? I'm catching up on Heroes and House, MD tonight. Can't beat that!


annabclark said...

I hate we missed you guys in Target today....also sorry to say we didn't get any good deals there. I made Dan promise that he wouldn't allow me in Target for the rest of 2009!

Ben Williams said...

hey girl!!

i meant to write you back yesterday about the target wipes, i'm sorry i didn't. i actually like their wipes. i mean, my favorite is the pampers sensitive b/c they are just so soft. but i do like the target brand. they are pretty soft & work well for Jack. i LOVE their cleansing wipes. they are on the aisle with the lansinoh wipes. same thing, just target brand. they are very gentle & great for when jack has bad diaper rash.

i hope you like the wipes!! wasn't that just such a great deal?!!! i got 5 tubs, but i'm headed back this week to get 5 more. i mean, i will be using wipes forever & a day!!! especially now that Jovie is on her way. i've been stockpiling diapers & wipes for her. so far i'm up to 7 packs of diapers & 6 packs of wipes!!

i have random thoughts constantly. sometimes when i get in bed, i just start spouting off crazy stuff i've been thinking about. i'm pretty sure ben thinks i'm crazy!!!

have a great week & i hope you are feeling better!

The Glenn Gang said...

I'm working on being the Proverbs 31 woman. LOFTY goal and seems unattainable but I am rising early tomorrow to cook breakfast for my boys. Does that count?

Audra said...

Anna--Hate we missed you too! You missed out on the wipes deal!

Audrey--Thanks for the info on the wipes. I guess if we don't like them, we're going to have to suffer for a while!

Rising early for anything counts as incredible in my book.

Kelly said...

Several months ago we went through that really, really hard stage of Tate not staying with me when he was walking. It's brutal b/c they're still on the young side to understand some. I feel like it just got better maybe this fall. Not sure that if that helps or not?

And yes, a sin is a sin. I get so frustrated with Christians ranking sins. Some of us are "fortunate" that our sins are private. God's grace and forgiveness is the same for them all...thanks goodness! :)

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