Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pressing Towards 30

I always looked forward to ages 23 and 24. Those just seemed like such glorious numbers. I was right. I spent those two years celebrating the first year of Drew's life, basically marking down each time he breathed.

And now here's 25.

Don't get me wrong--I am more than happy to be at 25! Sadly, far too many people never make it to this age. But you know what I think I liked about 23 and 24? (Careful- I'm about to break out my 3rd grade math skills...which is about the extent of what remains in my "math file" in my head. Except long division...was that in third grade? I lost that somewhere.)

23 & 24 round to......20! That's right.

25 rounds to.....30!

I know SO many cool 30 year olds, but I guess I have this weird connotation of relating '30' to appliqued sweaters, elastic band pants, and bedtimes of 9pm. Yeah, I know that sounds more like 75, but that's what I envision! (To all the 30 year olds out there: I know you're not like that. I well know you're not uncool or "old" and that 5 years doesn't make THAT much difference.) ;)

In honor of my birthday, I wanted to write down the hopes I have for this "rounded up" part of my life.

1. I hope my kids outlive me by many, many years.
2. I hope my family always has good health.
3. I hope my children have a boring testimony when they are saved by Jesus Christ.
4. I hope they find mates who are Christians and love them and support them 100%.
5. I hope my husband and I die at a ripe old age in our sleep on the same night. I never want to know a day without him.
6. I hope my children "arise and call me blessed."
7. I hope I'm never known as lazy.
8. I hope I have TONS of grandchildren one day!
9. I hope I hear "Well done, good and faithful servant."
10. I hope my life affects other people in positive ways, ways which influence their eternity.
11. I hope I have a spot in heaven, even if it's JUST inside the gate. I just wanna be there. No robes, crowns, mansions needed. I just wanna sit at Jesus' feet.
12. I hope my son grows to be a gentleman...and starts in his younger years!
13. I hope I have a house with a front porch someday which faces the west so I can watch sunsets in the summer.
14. I hope they come up with a Coca Cola product that tastes like Coke, but is sugar free. (NOT Coke Zero--bleh!)
15. I hope I see a cure for cancer and diabetes in my lifetime.
16. I hope I see a healthcare system that works....and works well.
17. I hope I have the joy of hearing my kids sing and pray in church.
18. I hope I celebrate a golden wedding anniversary without too much difficulty.
19. I hope I never have a love of money, but instead a yearning for the Lord's blessings.
20. I hope one day I care less about what other people think and only about what God thinks.
21. I hope I live up to this expectation of wife & mother that I have in my head someday.
22. I hope we have at least 3 kids. (No comments here. Yes, I'm aware this is a mother of a measley 'one' saying that).
23. I pray God finds it in his plan to bless us with at least 1 girl!
24. If not, I hope my boys wanna play beauty shop and brush my hair! ;)
25. I hope I hit 30 and beyond with great joy! (Even if I'm wearing appliqued sweaters and elastic pants!)

Pressing toward 30 with pride,


The Washington Family said...

speaking as a 31 year old mother of three girls. my life is full of joy even though I pray for 9pm bedtimes. I have some of the same desires for my family that you do and pray for your family as well that they all come true.

Jackie said...

What a sweet post! Very heartfelt...

From someone that has a few years on you (I'm 30)....wait until you have to fill out a questionnaire that asks your age range and when you fall into the 26-35 category. That will make you feel OLD. :)

Jackie said...

Oh and along with appliqued sweaters...don't forget denim jumpers. :)

Erin said...

I just love you... Thanks for being an example to me of a wonderful Christian wife, mom, and friend! Happy Birthday!

Amy said...

Just wanted to share with you what is so wonderful about turning 25 (I did that a couple years ago). You are FINALLY old enough to rent a car!!!!! Congratulations!!!! :-)

Wade said...

Holy Cow - It's 10:45 at night, I'm 34 years old and I'm still awake! Man, I've gotten wild and (yawn!) crazy in my older years!

Great post - and happy birthday! Kelly always joked with me once I turned 25 that I was practically a 30-year old.

As for your "boring testimony" comment, I know what you're trying to say -- but, regardless, there will be angels rejoicing in Heaven on that day . . . there's hardly anything "boring" about that!

As for a cure for diabetes, working on it! One good thing, I can say that the next 3-5 year will bring major advances in the quality of life for diabetics, even Type I.

Having said that, so far, I've enjoyed my 30's way more than my 20's!

annabclark said...

I totally agree with numbers 12, 21, and 24! I surely hope one day my gentleman son will fix my hair and make-up for me in the "beauty shop" otherwise I'll have to get Dan to do it....

...oh, and there's nothing wrong with a 9PM bedtime....I'm not even as OLD as you and that's when I sleep. Sleep is good.

Ben and Audrey said...

happy birthday to you!!!

i love your list of things that you hope to have & achieve one day. i pray for so many of those things myself, everyday! we want 3 kids too!! i think its time for you to start working on number 2!!!! catch up with me & we can have super fun playdates!!!

hope you had a wonderful birthday!! merry christmas!

Amanda said...

Such a wonderful list! I turned 28 this year, which is REALLY close to 30, so I know how you feel. I've heard people say that their 30's were the best years of their lives. Well, my 20's have been wonderful, so I can't wait to see what my 30's bring! Hope the rest of your 20's are superb!

Audra said...

Erin--Your comment made my day :)

I'm glad you all took the first part of this post as lightheartedly as it was meant! Thanks for the great wishes in return!

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