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Merry Christmas --2009

(Disclaimer: This post was written days ago, but my camera was MIA. People don't like posts without pictures, so I held out until I found it. That happened right before leaving for Greenville, MS where we have super slow internet. Long story short--all the pictures will have red eye or some blemish because my connection is too slow for online photo editing. Please forgive!)

I deserve to be beat with a wet noodle. (Didn't your mother ever threaten you with that punishment?) I've been a bad blogger. I'm probably the last person on your reader list to blog about our Christmas celebration, but at least I'm doing it. Better now than never!

One unexpected gift I received this year was a stomach bug. It started a day or so before Christmas with nausea and extreme tiredness (yeah, I was thinking I was pregnant, too) and then resulted in other not so fun things on Christmas Eve night and Christmas day. Thankfully, Zofran spared my life and left me able to at least hold a video camera on Christmas morning. I didn't get to partake in Christmas foods or go with the family on Christmas day, but I'll venture to say I still had a great Christmas watching my little boy and spending time with family.

Christmas Eve was spent at my parents with the traditional meal of fried fish, french fries, hushpuppies, cole slaw, and tea. Can we say Southern? Can we say yum? Well, everyone else said it was yum.

We tried taking a few family pictures, but there was way too much going on for Drew to be in a "sit still and smile" mood. This is the best we got:

It'll do. ;)

Since we weren't all spending the night at my parents' on Christmas Eve like tradition holds, we opened up our new Christmas PJs and put them on immediately. I must say we were a cute bunch!

And a pretty goofy bunch...

We dove into the rest of our gifts. We are one spoiled rotten bunch. All of us. I won't lie and say I don't like receiving a great gift, but I enjoy seeing other people open gifts from us even more. (Especially if you can tell they actually like the gift!) My sweet sister Kacie spent hours pouring over her gift for me and I am so indebted to her! She made a book out of my blog of Drew's first year of life--pictures and monthly birthday updates included. I was so honored that she took up that much of her time and so thankful that she took that burden off my hands! It was on my to-do list for January! Thank you, Kacie!

My mom was presented with the most gorgeous diamond ring from my dad! It was beautiful, and she was very grateful!

Drew had a ball opening his gifts, but wasn't too keen on opening another gift when he wanted to play with the one he just opened. (I think my advice for other parents would be to go ahead and take the toys OUT of the packaging and then wrap them for 12-24 month olds. That way you don't have to spend tons of time ripping cardboard and tape apart and breaking fingernails.) To say he got a lot of stuff would be an understatement. I think I'm going to need to have a garage sale to make room for the new stuff!

Late Christmas Eve night for Andrew & his mom was spent cleaning the house and preparing for Christmas morning as well as being my 2 little nurses. They got gold stars from this patient!

Mom, Dad, Kacie, Judd, Caroline, and Mamaw got here around 9am Christmas morning to see Drew open his gifts. I went a little crazy and wrapped everything, including stocking stuffers. His main gift was a kitchen set since he loves playing with anything in the kitchen. Imaginative play isn't quite developed yet, but he's getting there. He likes to stir up stuff in a bowl and come give you a taste. He always expects you to say, "Mmm!!"

(Here he is having a taste of plastic beans...)

Drew's Granna and Papaw brought Drew's big gift with them after he'd opened Santa Claus presents. Guess what it was?

Yep. He was thrilled! It's an outside tractor so we can't wait until it gets warm outside again! I have a feeling I'll have a really hard time getting this child to come inside this year! Thanks Mom & Dad for the generous gift!

Andrew and Ms. Debbie took Drew to my side of the family's celebration for lunch a little while later. Drew's great grandmother had been working on him a twin sized quilt out of some fabric I picked out. The plan is to decorate his eventual big boy room in a cowboy theme. Well, I thought the quilt turned out FABULOUS and Drew did too! They said he was squealing when he saw it and started clapping his hands and wanted to rub it! Pretty sure that made my grandmother's day! How awesome is this quilt?!

He got more toys of course and was pooped when he returned home to mommy!

Since then, he has played his little heart out with all these toys. My house is a disaster zone, resembling Toys R' Us at the end of Black Friday. It's slowly being pieced back together now. I did something totally out of the ordinary; I took my tree down yesterday! I always leave it up until after New Year's, but Drew had utterly destroyed the poor thing and it was just a constant headache to trip over scattered ornaments. I will say I am really enjoying having my house back in order!

What a wonderful Christmas to celebrate our Savior's birth with family! It still amazes me to think that Immanuel ("God with us") left a perfect heaven, knowing his destiny, to walk among the sin of this Earth because He loves His people so much. Thank you, God, for your Son who cleanses us daily and gives us the hope of an eternal life!

Merry (belated) Christmas & Happy New Year!

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Laura said...

I'm thankful you found your camera. Sorry we couldn't get together the other day. Can we set up a time to meet ya'll in Memphis? I love hanging out with you. You're so funny!! I helped my mom set up a blog and you're on her blog list. :)

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