Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random Thoughts: Episode 32

1. Our new method of discipline is working rather well, if I say so myself! Thank you all so much for your comments, facebook messages, phone calls, and emails., most....of them were very much appreciated! ;)

2. I'm working on sewing curtains for my kitchen. I walked into Hancock's fabrics the other day and got this great designer material for only $3/yard because they said it had been misadvertised in their print ad. Score! I got home to realize my window treatment is a very long horizontal one. My fabric is vertical. For all of you out there who haven't pieced that together in your noggins, it means I have to cut fabric, pin it, and stitch it. Then repeat. Repeat. Ad nauseum. I got them all pieced together last night and hemmed the two ends. Now I lack 150 inches of hemming the top of the curtain. THAT could be a while.

3. Kacie is on her way up here right now! (woo hoo). After a majorly bad morning for her, we're both looking forward to doing something fun tonight even though we're not sure what. It can't be our normal "walking around Target and Kohls 'til 10pm" cause we're strapped on funds for such frivolous trips as that. Ideas? We thought we might play around with the sewing machine. Hmmm...A rockin' good time huh?

4. I have my tablescape for the ladies' night at church all ready to go, minus a few little odds and ends. I'm excited for the way it turned out and can't wait to show you all pictures after the big night!

5. At what age do boys find it fun to wear hats? Drew looks soooooooo cute in them (or maybe it's just cause I'm his mom...), but will not keep them on his head long enough for me to even snap a picture. Maybe some Elmer's glue would hold it on...

6. I'm thinking about slimming down my facebook friends list dramatically. Anyone done this? I don't wanna be mean, but honestly these are people I've met maybe 2 times in my life and have nothing in common with them. And let's be honest...they're hogging my homepage with all their junky status updates. (What? You think that about ME? Oh...)

7. We just started watching a new TV series, Flashforward. Anyone else watching? It reminds me a lot of Journeyman which played on NBC a couple of years ago. The thing is-- it makes your brain work to keep up and figure things out and I'm not sure the American public is too keen on thinking while watching television; therefore, I fear they'll end up cutting it now that we're almost caught up on season 1. (Just like they did with Journeyman...)

8. My mind is blank now, but you know how I hate ending a list on an odd number. I feel better now. ;)

Have a great weekend!


Christy said...

well, layton is 3, almost 4, and still will only wear a hat when he is pretending to be a cowboy!

Amy said...

Glad things are going smoother at your house! I highly recommend making a yummy treat tonight....however, that might be because baby #2 seems to crave sweets all the time! On facebook I just hide everyone (and I mean almost everyone....except for family, people who live in my area, and friends with cute kids!). That way I don't have to be mean, rude, or block people from seeing pics of my cute kid! :-) Talk to you later!

Lori T said...

About your #6, you can "hide" people from showing up in your home page feeds by: going to the right of their status and clicking hide. Or at the very bottom right of the whole feed, choose, "edit options" and type in the names of friends whom you want to hide.

Leslie G said...

-Cameron would NOT wear hats at the beginning of the cold season. We kept putting them on him, and finally he wears them all around now. He's 14 months. =)
-I have slimmed my facebook friends a few times, but I also find it helpful just to hide some people from my news feed!
- We started watching Flash Forward when it started last fall. But i'm confused, because I assumed the series got cancelled because they haven't shown any new episodes since before Christmas- and now there's a new series (The Deep End) in it's place. I liked it though, I wonder if it's still going to be on?

Anonymous said...
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Audra Laney said...

Leslie--Flashforward starts back in March!

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