Monday, February 8, 2010

God said, "Surprise!"

I heard Drew stirring on the monitor around 9am this morning. I stumbled out of bed and looked at the back door as I was passing through. The blinds were half way up and I thought to myself, "Wow! It must be really cold outside today. The window is fogged up totally white!"

Following our normal routine, I got Drew out of his bed, brought him to ours and lay there while Andrew got awakened by a calm, cuddly.....HA....excuse me--wild, rambunctious toddler. He walked out of the room momentarily, returned, and said, "Have you looked outside?" "No. The window was too fogged up," I replied. "That's not fog!" he said as he flung the curtain open.

4-5 inches of snow covered everything we could see! No one had predicted we'd get snow, so we hadn't known a thing about it! Seems everyone up here was taken by surprise! And what a beautiful surprise it was. That's a little reminder that: 1) God is in control! He can make it snow without it being forecast or seen by meteorologists and 2) a testament to His artistic side. When you see a blanket of white and trees covered in what looks like powdered sugar, you can't deny that God has a mighty hand in this piece of art we call Earth.

I couldn't resist posting this picture of Drew taken before we went outside because, to me, it looks nothing like him! Ever take a picture of your kid, look at it, and wanna say, "Who's that!?"

LOVE these boys!!!!

Here's Andrew's version of Frosty ;) I think he had more fun than Drew!

(I"ll give my disclaimer here for my Aunt Deda who can't tell the difference in a picture and video. ;) Deda...the above "picture" is a video!)

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Kelly said...

Wow, that's serious snow. Fun!!!

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