Monday, February 8, 2010

Dream Home: Outside

Tonight I'm in the mood for an easy, lighthearted post so I thought I'd post pictures of my dream home...I'll preface these pictures by saying:

1) I'm totally content with my house now
2) We have no intentions on moving anytime soon
3) I'm so thankful for the home we have now--it's perfect for us--and we thank God for a roof over our heads!

Outside Desires:

We really want a full 2 story house. It needs a front porch big enough for a swing and 2 rocking chairs; the porch should be deep enough to be able to sit and watch it rain without getting wet. I want bricked stairs that lead up to the porch. The front door should be wooden with a beautiful medium colored stain.

I'm seeing bare feet babies running around on the grass and definitely a 4 wheeler for the hubs.

I really like the look of this home with the shutters and all (don't like the front door), but brick exterior would make for easier maintenance...But that wrap around porch! Oh!

This reminds me of Anne of Green Gables for some reason...I can just see Marilla & Rachael Lynde sitting there sharing gossip.

This is where I see myself in some huge Scarlet O'Hara style dress waving to my boys as they ride off in the horse drawn wagon. I should have been born decades ago.

What do you see when you see this picture? Because I see long, romantic chats with the hubs after the kids have gone to bed on 80 degree summer nights. I see bare feet and sweet tea glasses. I also see citronella candles to fight off the mosquitoes. I'm such a romantic...Shiesh.

Andrew requests 3 acres, mature trees, a shop, and a stocked pond. I'm good with that.

So that's it. Not asking much, huh? Well, I did mention we're dreaming...

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