Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This & That

-We attended church in Senatobia this past Sunday morning. and my dad was leading singing. Andrew was holding Drew next to me. While we were standing and singing, I looked over at Drew and he was moving his arm to the beat just like his Papaw! Guess we have a future song leader on our hands. I was PROUD.

-I guess Drew thought Andrew had been in the bathroom too long tonight cause he went and beat on the bathroom door with "Brown Bear" to give Andrew. I guess men are naturally born to want reading material.

-Drew is walking around calling for Andrew these days, but not by Dada or Daddy. Nope. He walks around yelling his little version of "Andrew." I love it!

-Drew blew me four kisses last night for the first time. I fell in love with him all over again!

-Just as I thought we had our sleeping issues out of the way, they have reappeared in full force. Drew has decided he no longer wants to go to sleep at night without a fight, wants to be in the bed with us, and does not want to nap longer than an hour. Ahhh! It's making for some long nights, and poor thing is crying to sleep right now. I hate it, but know it's for the best for everyone. He's been in the bed with us the past 2 nights and EVERYONE wakes up still tired the next morning.

-We've finally found a show Drew will watch! Deda bought him Veggie Tales the other week and he's officially addicted. He loves him some Larry & Bob. His favorite is "Love My Lips." We'll be using these on any upcoming car rides longer than an hour! Thanks, Deda!

-I'm consigning some clothing for the first time in a few weeks. I didn't realize quite how much work consigning involves and am now wondering if it's worth it. It DOES get me a shopping pass the night before it opens to the public, so it's worth a shot.

-We have our best friends coming in from Alabama next week, and we are THRILLED to see them again so soon! Can we say cookies and cards? OH YES. See you soon, Greshams!

-Did you notice the poll to the right? I'm just nosy about other people's cleaning habits.


Amy said...

Jessica LOVES Veggie Tales!!!! I had a stuffed (and talking) Bob and Larry that I let her play with at about 3 months, and she has been hooked ever since!!! My father-in-law has made valiant attempts to interested her in Loony Tunes, but she loves her veggies!!!

Kelly said...

It cracks us both up when Tate calls us by our real names. Then wait until he learns your last name. So cute!

Erin said...

So sorry about Drew's sleeping troubles! Cole has been having a tough time too due to these ear infections over and over so I can definitely relate! At least he is so sweet blowing you kisses and everything! Precious! Also, I voted on your shower poll, but I really needed a choice that said "only before out of town guests come to stay." Haha.

Kacie said...

"I Love My Lips" is my favorite Veggie Tales song, too! Drew has good taste. :)

I wish I could see Hilary and Justin next weekend but we've done WAY too much traveling lately. Tell them I say hello and ONE DAY I want to meet little Juliet!

The Glenn Gang said...

I did my first consignment sale last November. Does yours do the online tagging system with barcodes?

I didn't take but about 30 pieces because I didn't want to go through all the trouble if it wasn't gonna have good results. I made about $100 but didn't taking anything super nice.

After I got there, I wished I had taken more because there were hardly any boy clothes and they were being snatched up.

I'm working already on tagging for the one in April. I'm hoping to make $500 this time.

Anonymous said...

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hilary said...

Yah for friends and visits!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you guys. Sorry Drew is fighting the sleep. I'm looking forward to Drew and Juliet playing since she's walking this time!

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