Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy 19 Months, Drew!

My goodness, boy. We're going to have to put a brick on your head. You've physically grown this last month and are truly blossoming into your own little personality.

Likes: playing with the picture in the living room which holds a family photo from Christmas, watching home movies, climbing the pantry shelves (ahh!), taking out the pans from underneath the stove, putting the foot rest up and down (and up and down and up and down...) on the recliner, picking out foods from the pantry, stacking cans or blocks, sitting in the fireplace, pushing chairs, carrying his bouncing zebra from one room to the other (and it's heavy!), "helping" with the dishes, "helping" with the laundry, opening and closing any and all doors, flushing the potty, playing in the potty, dirtying your diaper RIGHT after bathtime, bouncing on your zebra when we don't know you have a poopy diaper (nice!), playing chase around the house, hiding in closets and the pantry, flipping light switches, opening and closing the blinds, unscrewing tops off bottles/jars/etc, music, dancing, singing, bathtime, being outside your blankey (a must have at bedtime), milk, juice, goldfish, and any cleaning materials.

(How many TOYS were listed in that list? One, maybe? You do have favorite toys, but you'd MUCH rather be playing with household supplies!)

(Playing the piano with his toes)

Dislikes: getting your diaper changed when you're playing, wearing a coat in the car, having to be held instead of running free, your stroller, getting your nose suctioned

What's changed in the last month: You are beginning to talk! Woo hoo! You now attempt to mimic the sounds of a cow, pig, duck, frog, horse, dog, and cat. You can say Papaw...and that was music to his ears! You like to say "down" and try to say "Andrew" when I call for your Daddy. So cute! You still use your signs a lot which is very helpful (you love signing "more" and "help"), but you will actually try to repeat some words if we say, "Can you say __?" which is encouraging!

The bad must always come with the good. You are quite stubborn and resort to hitting objects or biting when you don't get your way. It is really frustrating! (However, I'm sure it's also frustrating for you to not be able to communicate with us as well as you'd like!) We're using standing in the corner as punishment and it's working well so far. As much as I hate seeing you cry when you stand there, it hurts me too! I cry with you sometimes when you're not looking. ;)

You're still in a size 5 diaper, but you're moving up into your 24 month clothes. Most 18 month shirts that aren't polo style won't go over your big 95th percentile head. ;) You hit a growth spurt in the last 2 weeks so your 18 month pants are not only fitting now, but some are already too small! Guess that means mommy has a good excuse to go shopping! I'm really trying to learn to sew you some adorable clothes, but it's frustrating at times! I spent all day Wednesday making you a pair of blue & white gingham pants for the spring only to discover at 9pm that they would hardly go over your diaper they were so small. *sigh* Your Grammy encouraged me to try again, so I bought some fabric and a REAL pattern this time for attempt #2!

Being your mom and your daddy's wife is the best part of my life. I love being home with you every day and count it as SUCH a blessing, as I know at one point we never thought my dream of staying home with you would be possible. I try to never take it for granted. You are such a joy to my life and I love you with every breath in my body!


annabclark said...

Drew is precious. Jackson has those car PJs too!

Lori T said...

Abi loved this post. She kept looking at me and smiling/giggling, saying "Drew, Drew." :) I think she's got a crush. Let's hook them up, so we can be related.

Audra Laney said...

Lori--Sounds good! But sometimes I fear our kids may be 10 when they meet!

Kacie said...

Stacking my diet cokes, I see! Now I'll know who's fault it is if they're flat! Hahaha!

Amanda said...

I love reading all your Drew updates! He's getting to be so big!

Audra Laney said...

Amanda--I love reading Eli's as well! And Eli is just behind Drew so you're taking a glimpse into the future I guess!

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