Tuesday, March 30, 2010

6 1/2 Week Update

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been here. We seemed to be blessed with tons of overnight company, wedding parties, weddings, and lots of various outings. Oh and let's throw the pregnancy stuff in there as well!

This will pretty much be for my own records, so unless you're 1) really bored or 2) pregnant and looking for sympathy, you probably will wanna wait another month for my next post! I did this for Drew so I want to try and document something about my pregnancy for Baby Laney #2.

Physically: the nausea is here! The exhaustion is not as pronounced yet as it was with Drew at this point, but I do find myself craving a nap at times. Oh and speaking of cravings--I had my first real cravings yesterday and today. Yesterday I wanted mac & cheese, but we didn't have any. I felt like tossin' my cookies every time I moved so going to the store to get some was out of the question. I tried other cheesy things to get my "fix," but it did zero good. I even tried a coke float to no avail. (Not cheesy, but always satisfying!) It may have made it worse because what I was eating was not what my tummy wanted.

So today I woke up craving....of all things....pinto beans. No kiddin'. Pinto beans. Flavorful ones, at that. So by 11:30am when no pinto beans could be found in my pantry and eating anything else was worthy of death by my stomach, we headed to Abbay's ("It's how the south does fast food!"). Those pinto beans were right. on. the. money. honey. I'm pretty sure I ate most of them before Andrew took one bite of his chicken wings. I left that restaurant feeling better than I have in days because my body finally got what it had been yelling for. Andrew was ready for me to be quiet in the restaurant because I continually repeated how great the pinto beans were! I can't help but wonder why our bodies crave certain things...and how we miraculously feel so much better when we give in to those cravings. That'd make an interesting study!

My sense of smell is like a bloodhound, I tell you. I'm sitting here on the couch and can smell Andrew's cologne somewhere around me. I keep getting these lovely whiffs of it. Drew got some weird plastic gooshy ball the other day with tendrils all over it and it reaks of a plastic smell. Well, apparently it only reaks to me; Andrew can't smell it. But I know when Drew whips it out and starts playing with it on the other side of the room. Ick! Food smells pretty much nauseate me (except said pinto beans and mac & cheese). I can't stand to cook anything or clean the dishes with leftover food except first thing in the morning when the nausea hasn't kicked in full force.

Emotionally: I'm kind of nervous. I have my first doctor's appointment tomorrow at 1:30. I won't go into all the details, except to say I've had a few things happen in the last week that can be 100% NORMAL, but are leaving me feeling uneasy. My only physical reassurance is that my hormones are still up enough that I'm having all these lovely pregnancy symptoms.

My spiritual reassurance lies in the Lord....knowing that this baby is his from the start. Whatever He chooses is best, and I keep telling myself that. But we continually pray for a healthy, full term baby. Not sure if they'll do an ultrasound tomorrow or not. We'll be 6 weeks, 6 days so it could be possible to see a heartbeat if it's there.

(Mmmm...there's another whiff of that cologne again.)

Spiritually: How can someone not draw closer to the Lord during pregnancy? I feel complete trust in Him because this situation is totally out of my hands. I feel so, so thankful that he chose to make us parents again. I am a blessed woman....every day he blesses me more and more. Thank you, Lord.

I'll try and post any updates we get from our doctor's appointment tomorrow. Mr. Drew is due to wake up any moment now, so I'm off to reply to emails before he starts jabbering in there. :)

Have a blessed day, blog friends!


Jackie said...

Praying for a reassuring doctor's visit for you tomorrow...hang in there! :)

Ben and Audrey said...

the pinto beans are hilarious! at one point with Jack, i craved blueberry muffins & tater tots at the same time! ridiculous.

my nose was the same way when i was pregnant. i could smell anything from a mile away. and it was really hard for me to do dishes & cook.

i'll be praying for you. hang in there, it will get better. i hope! let me know how the doctor goes, i'm sure everything is just fine! love you!

hilary said...

Aww, I love the updates. I'll be praying about tomorrow. Can't wait to see you again soon!!!!! I'll cook and you can get a nap!

Audra Laney said...

Hil--that's just one more reason why I love you more like family!

sanjeet said...

I love the updates
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