Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Appointment Update

Just a quick note. Unfortunately, the doctor's office called this morning and told me I was going to have to cancel my appointment and rebook for next week sometime since my OB got called in for emergency surgery. I had already shaved my legs! All for nothin'! ;)

So continue to pray for us please. I'll be looking forward to the next appointment (which hasn't yet been scheduled).

I'm praying for so many of you right now and the challenges you're facing. I love having this great network of blogging buddies! You guys are the best.


Amy said...

That's always so frustrating! One time we got within a block of the obgyn's office (which was a 45 min drive) only to discover he had been called to the hospital. It was one of my last appointments with Jessica, and he had told me the week before that I would have her that week. At any least they should be able to see the heartbeat on ultrasound by that point! I had one about 6 weeks and all we could see was the egg sac (or something like that).

annabclark said...

Oh boo! I hate you didn't get to go to your appointment. I was here to check in on Baby Laney #2! We will keep praying for a healthy one for you.

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