Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In which I jump through firey hoops for a Sonic drink

I hurried to get Drew down for a nap this afternoon so I could run to Sonic to partake in heavenly happy hour. After I got him down, I got to the truck and opened the door. One of our 2 million newly acquired mosquito eaters flew into the truck. Those things seriously gross me out. I was swatting at it (and praying it didn't land on me) when I was suddenly and horrifically attacked by a red wasp. I was practically jumping around in my driveway trying to get away from it when it flew into the truck. Now I had two unwanted passengers.


I waited around and the wasp made a beeline out of the truck for me. I swung my pink purse at the wasp and knew I had to make a life or death decision: get in the truck with the mosquito eater or stay out and die with the Sergeant Wasp.

I got into the truck. Then I moved the seat back as far as I could so I could adequately assess the location of Mr. Mosquito Eater. When I tried to stomp him, I (even with my stealth like precision) somehow missed, and he flew out of my line of vision. I screamed like a little girl...but then realized he wasn't flying around me so just maybe I could make it to Sonic & back without him landing on me. After all, it's only a 2 minute drive.

1 minute later as I was about to pull out onto the busy road, I noticed that my mail was flying off into the road. I'd left it on the toolbox earlier. And the best part? My coupons were in that stack and were nowhere to be found. So after I got out of the truck and picked up the remains, I climbed back into the truck and was thankful for the first time that my income tax return check still hadn't made its way into our possession. That would have been bad.

I finally got to Sonic. It was 3:10 and all the school traffic was filling the lot. I normally pull around to side #2 and park up next to the building, but all those slots were full. So, I was gonna need to swing my big ole' truck into one of the spaces on the right. Well, I guess I didn't quite compensate enough because I hit the Sonic menu sign. All I really could do was laugh in astonishment that my trip for a half priced drink was so drama-filled. Amazing.

Now the debate: leave and pray no one saw me? Switch to another menu? No...they'd call someone the equivalent of Jack Bauer to run facial recognition software on their Soniccam to identify my face and put me on bedrest in prison. Oh and a guilty conscience--that too. When my waitress brought me my drinks, I told her I was pretty darn sure I hit her sign coming in. She looked at the front of my truck. "Yeah, it looks like you hit it!" Awesome. So I offered her my insurance card. "No," she said. "This credit card thing was already broken. But I'm not sure about this metal piece. I'll need to get my manager for that."

Out comes Mr. Manager. He informs me that the metal piece is actually no biggie, but that the credit card machine is quite expensive. He wanted my name & number, thanked me for not doing a "hit & run like most people around here" and told me he'd call me if he needed to.

So here I sit. Wondering if I really broke that credit card part or not. Wondering if Mr. Manager will call me or not. Thankful that my husband didn't strangle me after he saw we are going to need a new headlight and hood. (Yes, it was that bad.) And sipping on this half priced Sonic coke...which, may I add, is not HALF as good as it should be considering all I went through to get it.

I'm ready for bedtime so I can start tomorrow afresh. Hope you got a laugh out of this. I will in a few weeks. ;)


Cassie said...

I am so sorry you had such a rough day. You certainly have a positive out look, which is very inspiring! Cheers to a better tomorrow!

hilary said...

A new hood! Oh that's terrible! I'm so sorry. Bed rest is sounding better and

Ben and Audrey said...

hilarious. bless your heart!!! i hope that manager doesn't call you!!

p.s. why did the good Lord create wasps?!!!

Andrew said...

Just think that the front end needed a new paint job anyway and you just helped obtain this! Since I hit the mailbox it was only fair you got to hit the sonic sign. You always have to be so competitive! You win! ;) Oh well it is just a truck and we will fix it.

Shannon said...

I hope the manager doesn't call you. Everytime I go to Sonic, the credit card machine is broken...I'm sure it was already broken. It wasn't you!

I do love Happy Hour and I could totally see myself having the same thing happen to get my cherry limeade!

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