Sunday, April 11, 2010

The one in which I exude no lady likeness at Kroger

If we're honest with ourselves, pregnancy is not our best time to try to portray lady-likeness to perfection. Pregnancy in and of itself can be rather (er, really) gross at times throughout the entire 9 (or 10) month journey.

I've been putting off going to Kroger like the plague for weeks because the thought of most foods repulse me. However, in the past week, my tolerance for food has improved and our pantry has been more than noticeably bare. It was time!

I knew ahead of time that I would skip the two foods that gross me out most: tuna and Crispers french fries. (I feel my food in my throat just writing that. Bleh!) What I didn't plan for were the INTENSE aromas in the store. My nose is so extremely sensitive during this pregnancy, particularly with any kind of fabric softener. I declare to you I was forced to walk down the stinking (literally, to me) laundry aisle of Kroger 3 times due to traffic games on adjacent aisles. I would attempt to hold my breath as I sprinted past the Snuggle, but that just seemed to make me want to gag.

When I cleared that hurdle, every church-going lady in that store who was smothered in perfume made it their personal goal to stand next to me. I had to continually move away from crowded areas to keep from getting nauseated from fabric softener and perfume! I guess I'm just really thankful no one with really bad body odor mingled up next to me.

As I walked down the chips and crackers aisle my lady-likeness disappeared.

When I get really nauseated, I start burping. Gross, right? Yeah, laugh it up! 'Cause there I was in the cracker aisle nauseated and attempting to hold back all this stomach gas while I passed perfume laden women and men who apparently rolled in fabric softener sheets before making their shopping trips. Apparently, my face looked like I might get sick as well as I got a couple of strange looks from passers by.

Long story short....I bought the items I needed whether they were on sale or not and whether I had a coupon or not--a usual BIG no-no in this house. However, I knew if this bloodhound nose of mine didn't disappear soon, I wouldn't be making another one of these trips for a while...

at least not without a close pin on my nose.


Brittany said...

i agree, i never really have a good sense of smell but lately i have been so grossed out by smells & of course never have i really had a problem with food but just thinking of some things literally send me to the bathroom. i can barely type it but the thought, sound, smell of fish makes me want to hurl over & over. i don't know why. pregnancy is a funny thing. :)

Ben and Audrey said...

oh girls. i can COMPLETELY relate!!

when i was pregnant with Jack, the smell or thought of Ranch dressing just made me puke, literally. Ben could open a bottle of it & i could smell it from across the house!!!
and with Jovie, i couldn't handle the smell of fried foods. the grease smell just killed me.

its insane. hope ya'll feel better soon! love you!

Lane said...

I totally can relate to this post! I am glad you finally made it out of Kroger!

Audra Laney said...

Brittany & Audrey--my "gross" food is....*gulp*...tuna. Bleh!!!

sanjeet said...

hope ya'll feel better soon! love you!
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