Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy 22 Months, Drew!


Are you wondering how much longer I'll keep up monthly updates? The truth is--I'm not sure! I love going back and looking to see what you were into each month, what had changed, etc. It may continue until you're 12! ;) (Just kidding. 10 is probably pushing it.)

Outside. Oh my! This sums up your desire in life, child! You walk around the house saying "ow-sye" all day long. I dread the forecasted rainy days because I know it will leave you in tears, standing at the back door begging to go free in the yard. Your mother here is not one for bugs or sweating, but I'll sacrifice those things on days where you're grouchy; all it takes is setting you free in the yard to put you in a terrific mood!

You love to play on your tractor, ride in your car, sweep the driveway, sit on the real lawn mower, mow the grass with daddy, play with sidewalk chalk, or just roam!

(See these Crocs? You LOVE them and have almost worn them OUT!)
You point to every airplane (which is a lot since we live next to the Memphis International Airport), bird, bike, and vehicle that passes our house. You know not to go into the road and usually mind that rule. One day we hope to have a house farther out in the country so you don't have to be so picky about those rules. ;)

Daddy and I love the age you're in right now because you're getting so much fun to take places. You are understanding things & making connections every time we turn around. The zoo is a favorite place to go since you're really focusing on the animals now. I love, love, LOVE our days out as a family like this!

(At the zoo, styling Daddy's hair.)
Just last week we took you to the zoo, and you rode on your first little train. I was worried you'd be scared, but you LOVED it and cried when we had to get off. It makes me a little more hopeful that you'll try rides at Silver Dollar City this summer! Your mommy is a roller coaster fiend, so I want you to love them, too!

(You and Daddy on the train!)

Speaking of things "clicking," you burst into your imaginative stage last week! All of a sudden you started playing with your kitchen and realizing that you had play food and could pretend! You grabbed your play cup, inserted it where the play icemaker is located, and started making noise as if you were getting ice. Then you spent 30 minutes (incredible!) playing as if you were frying and boiling food! Your food combinations were less than appetizing, but we can work on that. ;) After you "cooked," you "ate" some and then fed mommy some. Then I caught you saying "hey" on your play phone and then "bye bye." Mommy was a huge imagination user as a child, so I'm excited to see you entering this phase. It means you're growing up!

People ask every now and then if you understand anything about the new baby. You haven't a clue! I tried telling you there is a baby in my tummy and you just wanted to stick your finger into the black abyss of my bellybutton. ;) And let's hope you don't treat your baby sibling like a baby doll; you love to bite their arms and legs! We must work on your fatherly love towards children!

You love, love, love your family members! All of them! And they spoil you ROTTEN. And I mean rotten. But I'm okay with that because once we get home you remember the rules and usually follow them. Usually....

Sometimes you don't! And we frequently use the corner during those times. You hate standing in the corner, but sometimes you go there twice in a row. You like to test me to see if I'll follow up with my threat to put you back there. And I do! It breaks my heart when I know I'm hurting your feelings, but I know it's the right thing so I grit my teeth and make you stand there. Stubborn boy! ;)

You are a mess. I must call you a mess 1000 times a day. Just Saturday you pulled your little lawn chair into the kitchen, grabbed a cup in the sink full of water, and poured it all over the floor. I was having a hormonal morning (for no reason at all) and for some reason, that sent me over the edge. I started wondering how I'm going to handle your little escapades once I have a little one to care for as well. I SO desire to have endless amounts of patience with you, but I suppose that lots of patience is developed with lots of trials. Your future youngest sibling will have it easier than you, I guess. ;) (But hey, so goes the role of being the oldest!)

You are mommy's helper! You love to "help" move things like a lawn chair, a garbage bag, etc when I pick them up. You now can throw your dirty diaper bags out the back door towards the big garbage can. You think you're big stuff. ;) You still love to vacuum, sweep, dustbust, and play with the remote--basically anything that makes you think you're a little adult!

Being your mom is the toughest but most wonderful job I could have ever asked for! I wouldn't trade a million dollars for staying home with you every day. It is truly my joy in life. I look forward to teaching you about Jesus, praying with you, and instilling kindness and gentleness in your heart. You have taught me SO much in your short little life just being yourself. Continue on, sweet boy! As my mother once told me, "The stage is all yours and the spotlight is on!" Steal the show, sweet boy!

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