Monday, May 10, 2010

Another Random 10

1. Drew has been angelic today! I love days like this where he minds well, plays independently, and snuggles on the couch. The fact that it was pouring down rain most of the day helped since he wasn't whining constantly to go "ow-side."

2. On the down side, we are battling eating issues with our little dude. His dad and I have ZERO eating issues so I'm not sure where this is coming from. ;) It's certainly not his mother's genes! But seriously, last night I was PUMPED because he ate a small amount of mac & cheese. Today at lunch, he nearly gagged when I touched a bite of M&C to his mouth. Today he's eaten: a piece of bread, 4 bites of muffin, and a bite of Andrew's dessert. That's it. No feeling bad, teething, fever, etc. He just doesn't wanna eat. I keep telling myself he's not going to blow away.

3. I have an incredible husband, if I haven't said that recently. As I type this on the couch, he's playing grocery store and kitchen with Drew. :) And Drew is laughing so hard he's going to get hiccups!

4. I was lying on the couch today (sense today's theme?) while Andrew & Drew were in the bathtub. All of a sudden I heard, "Mommy!!!! MOMMY!!! Come quick!!! Mommy!!!! Hurry!!!" I jumped off the couch and ran into the bathroom. Andrew said, "We've got a code brown! Code brown!!" There was Drew standing in the tub while Andrew was scooping poop out of the water! I thought it was so funny that he left Drew standing in the poop infested waters while he took out the toys and scooped poop. But I was SO impressed that he pooper scooped without complaints! That's one great dad!

5. Back to my lying-on-the-couch theme....I have felt blah today. Ever had one of those days? It's almost 7pm and I'm still in my pajamas from this morning, but with an added layer because I'm cold. I've also had 2 blankets on me most of the afternoon to fight the chill. Nothing sounds good to eat and my indigestion is killer. One yucky day in a sea of a lot of easy pregnancy days; I really can't complain I guess!

6. Today it is 55 degrees and windy. Wednesday the high is 90. So goes MS weather this time of year.

7. I have planned for months on throwing Drew a pirate themed party this year for his birthday. After I got most of the details worked out (including piratey food names), I believe I've changed my mind on the theme. See, he really doesn't even know what a pirate is, number 1. Number 2, this theme would be so much more fun when he's 3 or 4 and his imagination is more developed. Number 3, he likes cars (and anything with a wheel) and Veggie Tales. So we might do one of those two themes, or we might just stick with a primary colors themed party with tons of balloons. *sigh* A two year old's party isn't supposed to be stressful, right?

8. Less than 8 weeks until we head to Branson with a bunch of senior citizens (no mom and dad, not you. All those other old folks.)....and I couldn't be more excited!

9. Someone special has a birthday on Wednesday in our little family. A special post will be in the works for him....

10. Andrew & I are celebrating our six year (seriously!) anniversary this weekend. Our actual anniversary isn't until next weekend (the 22nd), but we've decided to celebrate this weekend. Mom & Dad are keeping Drew overnight for us while we go out to have fun. We've both decided we want to catch a Redbirds game Friday night since that's something we wouldn't normally do with Drew. I'm excited!


Christy said...

I hope you have a wonderful anniversary weekend!!

We were cold today to-I think North MS was cold last May as well? If I am remembering correctly?

Anyway, I froze all day. Crazy.

I am glad you got to rest and yes, I am VERY impressed that your husband scooped the poop!

Kelly said...

Tate has had picky food issues for awhile now. I wish I could tell you the magic answer. I have no idea what it is. We've tried it all. I will say that at almost 3 1/2 it's gotten a little better. But I completely understand the frustration. It can be maddening. Hang in there!

The Dutsons said...

We did a cars theme birthday for Spencer for his 2nd Birthday. Something we did was take our diaper boxes (cause they're small enough for children to hold up) and put four black circles on the box for the wheels and then two yellow circles in the front for headlights. You push in the flaps so that the child can slip it over them and we let them race. The kids loved it! We also played red light, green light with them. Just thought I send that idea your way in case you end up doing a Cars theme.:)

Anonymous said...

Saw a super cute 1st birthday using primary colors online. Google polkadot parties and look for charlies birthday!

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