Sunday, May 2, 2010

Random List of Random Thoughts

1. As of tomorrow, I'll be down in the 100's instead of the 200's for my baby countdown! Woo hoo! We celebrate even the little steps around here.

2. Speaking of celebrating, I want to campaign for a National Milk Day. Is that already in existence? I love my glass of chocolate milk at night that settles my food from 10 hours earlier back into my stomach. Milk--does my stomach good.

3. I've come to realize that one of my gifts--we'll call it that instead of shortfalls--is coming up with an idea and planning something. I love to plan every detail, research the heck out of an idea, etc. The problem is I often have a problem with carrying the idea through completely (for one reason or another), but planning, I love....

4. Right along those lines, I'm thinking of getting together a small group of close friends & their kids for a playdate like once every 2 weeks. That wouldn't be so often that it's annoying, but not so far apart that everyone forgets everyone else's kid's name between meet up times. It'd be simple. Bring a fingerfood. Bring your kid. Wear your sweats and a tshirt if you like.

5. I'm also really wanting to delve into Beth Moore's new book, "So Long Insecurity." I've just read so many things about it that make me think--"that's SO me!"

6. Right along those lines, I got to thinking a Bible study around that book might be fun to do with those aforementioned moms. However, once every 2 weeks will make this book either a slow read or something really drawn out. Oh and the fact that we'll have 42 kids running around with snotty noses who will be taking each other's apple slices won't be too conducive to a deep discussion. So no go....

7. So THAT got me thinking....what about an online Bible study with these same women? What if we all got the book and set up our discussion on a message board or thread on a private FB page? Then we could read the assigned chapter every week and discuss inside the message board whenever it was convenient for each person. You've got spiritual growth, fellowship to a degree, and convenience all in one package. Score! Has anyone ever done anything similar to this?

8. I went to Kohl's with my Kohl's bucks (from my new vaccum cleaner--woo hoo) today. My grand out of pocket total was $12.47 with $58 saved. Woo hoo! Then I got some *awesome* deals at Jon Ann's. Out of pocket--$58. Saved $240. I got all my needed gifts (minus the hub's bday gift--ugh) for upcoming events and was stoked about the savings.

9. The mosquitoes are everywhere here. I think all this terrible rain has just beckoned them in. I dread all the bites my poor legs are about to receive.

10. My skin is so dry. Clearly, I'm not drinking enough fluids. I'm a naturally oily skin type (or so Clinique says), but my face is flaky, my legs are flaky and itching, my scalp is flaky, and my lips are so dry they're bleeding. Not fun!

Hope I didn't lose you in my random list of things. I'd love to hear any comments you have on the bible study, Beth Moore books (I've never read anything of hers...), or the best lotion for my flaky skin. Okay, so I'm just looking for social interaction. ;) I don't care WHAT the conversation is about!


Amy said...

Hey! Beth Moore has books and then creates Bible studies out of those books with workbooks and videos. Not sure if they have done a workbook and video series for the one you are wanting to do or not, but oftentimes you can rent the videos from local churches (and they are pretty awesome videos....and the workbooks are quite thought provoking)! She has a real gift for writing books/Bible studies/speaking!!

I did a couple at Highland when I lived in Memphis. There are lots of churches all over the city that do her studies (oftentimes they offer free childcare!!!). We did one in Starkville the last year I was there. We originally had 3 groups but consolidated into one because I was the only one who had ever done one of her group studies before (and I am not the best leader for that kind of thing...). We also had an online group that was through e-mail. That worked out pretty well, but I think it would have been better if we were able to meet periodically. Of course using a facebook group would probably work better than e-mail so you could do message boards and different threads.

annabclark said...

I've read a couple of Beth Moore books and they were great. (So Long Insecurity is the next on my list...planning to start in a couple of weeks) So, I think it would be a great read.

hilary said...

Hey!! Thanks for the award! I've never done a Beth Moore study, but they always get great reviews. This book has sounded interesting to me too. Girl, if we lived in the same town, we'd be planning stuff all the time. What fun it would be!! I want to hear more about your finds at JoAnn's. I was just there this weekend. It's so dangerous to go in without a list or purpose! Thankfully, I had both and it was quick and not overwhelming. Lotion-wise, I use Oil of Olay face lotion and I use Olay Body Quench ultra moisture (purple bottle). I have dry skin issues too. For lips, the best is vaseline to heal the cracks. Then I would use this stuff called DCT it's in a peach round container. Sometimes it's hard to find and sometimes it's with the gum at the checkout line...just a few random answers;) lol

Laura said...

We did Beth Moore Bible studies at our church in Mobile all the time. I really miss those days. We would get together on Monday nights at the church, eat dinner,watch the dvd and have a great discussion.

The best thing for dry skin, water. I know you don't like water, but it's free and the best moisturizer there is. If your skin is that dry, it's screaming for it!! I know that's probably not what you wanted to hear, but I think it would help.

Ben and Audrey said...

1. Beth Moore is amazing. i highly recommend any of her stuff

2. the online facebook bible study thing sounds good to me. i need that accountability.

3. i would love said playgroup twice a month. i really need something like that & so does Jack. even if its just the 2 of us & our kids, i say lets do it!!

4. just thinking about mosquitos makes me angry. they are my least favorite part of summer.ugh

Amanda said...

Okay, you are so Nicki. She drinks chocolate milk every night now. Maybe it's a prego thing? Nicki also LOVES planning. She would be a great travel agent person because she always finds the best deals. I have never done a Beth Moore study, but I've always heard wonderful things about them. And I love reading your random're so funny!

Luke & Amanda said...

I want to be in your group of close friends that meets twice a month! And I have been looking for a new Bible study..shh...dont tell mine I am cheating on them yet! Ours meets right now on Wednesday nights, and it was too hard to find someone to watch Kate at her bedtime. Anyway, we started Breaking Free by Beth Moore which is a Bible study/video series. It was awesome...very in depth, but good. We ended up not finishing b/c it was very involved for some fo the girls, but I liked it. I think discussion online would be perfect, and then we could visit in person!
Water and salad for your skin. Haha, j/k about the salad.

The Lively's said...

I have been meaning to comment on here for days. Thank you so much for the blog award...that was too sweet! And congratulations on your pregnancy...what a blessing. Hope you're feeling good!

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