Tuesday, June 29, 2010

20 Week Ultrasound Details

Well, I'm pretty sure I lost most of my few, faithful readers due to these long lapses I've been taking between posts. ;) But for those of you still around--I'm glad you're still here. :) I've been lagging on commenting on some of your blogs as well, but it's not for lack of wanting to! I hardly sit down at my computer these days; I mainly use my phone. And commenting on my phone is a royal pain, especially with word verification. Ick!!

Yesterday's ultrasound was one of the best days of my life. As if I didn't care enough about this child, I fell completely in love with her when I saw her moving around in here. If you've ever had a child, you know they put an image on the screen and you can't help but think, "That's the most precious thigh bone I've ever seen!" And you mean it! It really is that overwhelming to see God's beautiful handiwork dancing around inside your body. The excitement from the day just bubbled over when we found out we were expecting a little girl! Now Daddy has a hunting partner and Mommy has someone to play beauty shop with. How much more perfect can it get?!

My favorite part of the day was when the technician told us, "She looks perfect!" Those are the words every mother wants to hear when it comes to her child's health. Blogworld has opened up so many sad stories of children with life altering disabilities. Sometimes I'm not sure if it's "healthy" to keep up with all of them. However, I've been studying more on putting the health of our children in God's hands and letting go of the worry, and it's helped a good bit. Still--hearing that she is healthy was music to our ears!

My second favorite part was when we were told she was a girl. I cried so much I could hardly see the screen anymore. I was so overwhelmed with the fact that the Lord trusts me to raise a godly little girl. What a blessing and responsibility. Seriously...what a blessing!

As far as names go, we're throwing around Hannah Katherine. It has no personal familial ties, but is biblically based. In the Bible, Hannah dedicated her son, Samuel, to the Lord at a young age and was faithful throughout a difficult time in her life. I pray the same thing for my daughter...that she always be faithful to the Lord and that she strives to raise godly children. So her first name is set in stone. Her middle name is about 90% set in stone. I guess it's still drying. ;) I wanted something classic and with 3 syllables (even though most southerners pronounce it with only 2 syllables-ha). Opinions on the middle name?

Well, I'm off to a fun ladies night with some other girls from church. Thanks for sticking around with me! Hope you all have a very blessed evening! :)


annabclark said...

I think Hannah Katherine is a beautiful name. So, so glad she is healthy. Can't wait to meet her!

hilary said...

Love Hannah, but I must be a true Southerner...how do you say Hannah with 3 syllables?

Audra Laney said...

Sorry, Hilary! Like I do so often, I was vague in my writing. The 3 syllables is for "Katherine" instead of Hannah. :)

Laura said...

I think that's a great name. Grace would also be a pretty middle name. I want to adopt a girl and name her Savannah Grace and that is set in stone. :) I've already told Josh so.

Hilary said...

Ha! I totally realized at 3 am that you were speaking of Katherine and not Hannah...durrr.

Luke & Amanda said...

US are so much fun...so glad Hannah Katherine was perfect!

Being Katherine Amanda, I, of course, love the name Katherine. I think it is classy and beautiful, and who wouldnt want their little girl to be like me? :) And it means pure, which I love.


Amy Lynne said...

I love your name choice! If we have a girl her name will be Katherine. I hope the rest of your pregnancy continues on well!

~Alyssa~ said...

Awe that is a sweet story! Love reading your post. And I think that is so wonderful how you came up with Hannah!!

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