Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Drew!!!

Was it honestly two years ago I heard your first cry?

Held and kissed your sweet face for the first time?

Watched your Daddy (and everyone else) fall head-over-heels in love with you?

Have two years actually passed since we became a family of three?

It just doesn't seem possible in so many ways that these pictures and these sweet, sweet memories are two years old. I can still remember the day so well! (And let's be honest--I remember those first few rough nights in the hospital well, too!)

Besides being a child of God, there is nothing in this life that makes me and your daddy happier than being your Mommy and Daddy. We spend a lot of our days laughing at you because you are SO full of life, energy, and humor! You have the sweetest personality, most adorable belly laugh, and the best kisses ever. You keep us on our toes as you get into mischief. I often read "I'll Love You Forever" and smile as I look at the cover picture of the 2 year old flushing a watch down the toilet, surrounded by unrolled toilet paper. That is you! But then I'll tear up as I read about the mother rocking her 2 year old boy to sleep, solemn face and relaxed hands because at the end of a long day, that, too, is you.

My greatest prayer for you is that God will be your foundation throughout your entire life--from a very young age to a very old age. I want His guidance to influence every decision you make--the clothes you wear, the places you go, the friends you choose, the woman you marry, the jobs you complete. I want you to know that no matter what changes come your way, that His foundation will ALWAYS be firm, even when you doubt it. Know that God looks at your heart and knows everything about you, but you should tell him anyway. Make him your best friend- above your best guy friend, your wife, and your mom. ;) Because HE has your best interest in mind, above all others. Hold to him, dear son, and you will always be safe.

I love you more than 26 letters can write on paper. My chest literally hurts sometimes because my pride for you is so great! You make me so proud every day with your accomplishments, your zest for life, and your love for others. You have great, great things ahead of you, and I'm so proud to be on the front row watching. Shine on, baby boy! The spotlight is yours!

Mommy & Daddy
What are you up to at 24 months?

--You are repeating a ton of words! You love to say: snake, ball, coke, fall, dark, truck, outside, cook, juice, and SO many more words! We have to watch what words you are surrounded by in public because I don't dare want you to repeat something you shouldn't!

--Your attention span is still so short. You jump from one activity to another. The longest you spend doing any one thing is less than 5 minutes. You seldom want to read right now because you have to sit still in order to do that. :)

--You've recognized the numbers 3, 4, and 5 and told them to us. We had no idea you knew those numbers! You also love to point out the letter 'c' on your plate. Speaking of plates, you are constantly identifying items associated with eating: fork, spoon, knife, plate, bowl, and napkin. You love to wipe your own mouth and hands after dinner and always tell us when you're "all done!"

--You get into EVERYTHING! You can undo any top, child proof or not. (Yes, you've opened child proof medicine bottles more than once.)

--You recently developed gills and now love swimming! You jumped in the pool while we were on vacation before we got your swimmies on. Let's just say mommy nearly had a heart attack and daddy had to jump in and get you as you floated, face down in the water. Ahhhh!! But after the swimmies were on, you swam everywhere! I'm telling you--you have no fear!

--You are one tough cookie! You fall, roll, tumble, trip, bump things, rip toenails off, bleed and never shed a tear! The only time you'll tear up is if you hit your little noggin too hard. I liken you to a miniature bull--plowing through anything in your way!

--Feeding you can be quite the chore as you are mighty picky. We never know if you're going to eat a lot at one meal or not one bite. It varies from day to day, but you're growing taller and are very heavy (31 lbs) so I know you're not wasting away! ;)

--My favorite words to describe you are: fun, busy, "a mess," loving, sweet, strong willed, playful, active, "hands-on," and fast! You are all these things rolled into one!

--You're beginning to understand that there might be something in mommy's belly. You know where the baby is and you will come kiss my belly. It's so sweet! However, I'm afraid you might want to send your little sister back for the first few weeks that she's home. It's going to be quite the adjustment period!

Little one, I could go on for pages and pages about all the things you love to do and your sweet little quirks! You are my favorite little guy, and I wouldn't change one single thing about you! I can only imagine what changes one year from now will bring! (Maybe potty training?--Ha!)

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