Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy 23 Months, Drew (plus video!)

One month to go until you turn the big T-W-O! That seems impossible, but we'll save all those statements for next month's post. :)


You are so fun!!! You keep me and Daddy laughing almost all the time. You love the outdoors, playing in the sprinkler, playing in the bathtub, climbing on things, playing with all household appliances, "helping" with chores, being with your relatives, swimming in the pool, opening and closing things, sliding on slides, giving kisses, having blankey at night, having mommy rock you at night, and drinking chocolate milk. How could you not be fun with such a great list of interests?!

You're not so fond of bedtime, naptime, and being confined while out and about. You still like your Step 2 push car most of the time, but you're getting to the point of wanting to roam freely in public areas. Ahhh!!!

You have several nicknames: Drew-Drew, Drew-man, & baby Drew are the main three. You're still getting into pretend play. I love it! You've started playing chase with other kids--it's so cute! You're finally showing affection and giving kisses to family members. Your language abilities are EXPLODING. I can't keep up with all the new words you try to say. Sometimes I thought this day would never get here! Your favorite words are: apple, roll, bug, daddy, mama, papaw, pop, bop, foofoo, our food, outside, truck, fork, moo, woof woof, shoe, nose, eye, dark, light, ah oh, bye bye, & ball. Just today you learned to say your name! You're catching on quickly! Pretty soon we won't be able to get you to be quiet!

You have an uncanny memory. You remember things that I've totally forgotten--whether it be a toy at someone's house that's kept hidden, a cup you "stored away" the night before, where a certain item goes in someone's house, or where a particular event happened--you keep us amazed with the detail of things you remember!

Our daily routine goes something like this now:

9am--wake up, milk, and breakfast (if you'll eat anything)
9:30-11:30--play, play, play. Veggie Tales is usually somewhere in here for about 15 min.
11:30-12:00--lunch and clean up
12:00-2:00--play some more!
4:00-5:30--play while waiting on daddy to get off work
5:30-6:30--play outside while mommy cooks
6:30-7:30--play outside some more
7:30-8:00--bathtime with Daddy
8:00-9:00--snacktime, pajamas, play in living room floor, diaper change, brush teeth
9:00-9:20--rock with Mommy, sing songs, read "Llama, Llama Red Pajama," and say our prayer.
9:20--Mommy is implanted on the couch.

So you can see our day is nothing spectacular, but we sure have fun! I can't believe you've been with us for nearly 2 years!!! That seems so impossible, but I almost can't remember not having you with us. We love you, sweet boy, and we can't wait to party with you soon!

Mommy & Daddy

Oh and here's a video for your viewing pleasure. This is the new "rasberry blowing" game:


Hilary said...

I love that video! What precious times!!!

annabclark said...

Jackson enjoyed the video. Drew is growing up fast!

Leah said...

Oh my gosh. SOOOOO freaking cute! Can't believe how big he is!

Sarah said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the support. It always makes me sad when Christians get so caught up in rules and not just remembering that God loves us because we are ALL losers in need of grace!
For me, working two days a week has been wonderful. I am going to stay at home once my twins arrive, but that's not because I feel like I have's because my life is going to be crazy with three kids under three for a couple years.
Anyway, thank you for the encouragement. When are you due? I'm thinking we must be due around the same time as I am 17 weeks also.

Lori T said...

We just finished watching the video. Abigail definitely liked it cause she said, "He's funny. They're so funny." How's party planning going? We need to catch up.

Audra Laney said...

Lori--Yes, we definitely need to catch up! Party planning is going rather slowly. I'm trying not to go crazy this year, but we do lack getting him his gift, finishing the video (almost done), and finalizing what we're doing yeah, a lot!

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