Monday, June 14, 2010

All I've Got Left is Random....

1. I mopped my shower clean the other day because I didn't wanna get on my hands and knees to scrub it. Yes, it worked. Yes, I'm going to need another mop head for the kitchen now. Totally worth it when all my nail polish remained unchipped at the end of that gruesome chore. On the other hand, I think our visitors might wonder why Drew continually tries to take the mop into the shower...

2. Did I mention the other day that I'm not really that hungry most of the time? Why did I do that to myself? We all knew that once I said that I would forever be unfulfilled at each meal. It's 10:30 pm and all I want is a steak and baked potato. I would even settle for lobster chowder. That's gonna be pretty hard to come by tonight.

3. I also told one of my friends the other week that Drew never had a "for no obvious reason screaming problem." I'm eating my words with butter on top. He screams. He squeals. He shrills. I hide. I cry. I want to die.

4. My tolerance for noise is quite low these days. It's not fitting well with the above issue.

5. I find out what the gender of this baby is 2 weeks from today. Woo hoo!!! I have a girl name picked out. I have no idea what a boy will be named. Nice, huh?

6. I am 25 years old and do not make my bed on most days. I once read in like the 9th grade that it's better to not make your bed because it gives dust (or something) a chance to escape and your sheets to "breathe" and cuts down on the amount of microscopic bugs in your bed. Apparently, that stuck with me. See, now that you've read it, you don't have to make your bed either....for health purposes.

7. My neighbor was laughing at me tonight while I had Drew outside. I was marching around, swatting bugs, scratching mosquito bites, running after Drew, barking commands, and talking on the phone. I'm a one woman circus!

8. How am I supposed to take my child outside when it's already 90 degrees at 9:00am? We need to find more inside entertainment.

9. What does it mean when you constantly dream you have a ton of assignments for school with not enough time to complete them or that you walk into your classroom to discover there's a test being given you forgot to study for. I dream this all the time! Any dream analysts out there who want to decode that for me?

10. I have a birthday party set for this Saturday with: no gifts bought, no gifts wrapped, no cake considered, and no food menu. Looking good, huh? Guess I should jump on that instead of continue to ramble on here..... ;)


hilary said...

You are funny! When Drew and Juliet get together it's going to be a screamfest. Juliet thinks when someone else her size is around, that you play chase and you scream. Good luck on the party. I know it will be great though!

annabclark said...

Ah, you are now experiencing what I do all day, every day: a scream-fest. Just remember not to take Drew in Kroger--if he's like Jackson, he'll scare the customers (and workers) half to death!

And...have you tried crayons and stickers for indoor activities yet?? Jackson LOVES to do them. Of course I have to sit right with him to avoid the eating of the crayons and to avoid picking stickers from all places, but it keeps him busy for a while. And we can do it in the COOL!

S. said...

I have a recurring dream that somehow, I missed one credit in high school to graduate, so all of college and vet school are invalidated. Then I have to go back and take all of my senior year over and I keep getting lost in the buildings. I wake up terrified every time!

Amy said...

I don't make my bed every day for the same reason!!! :-)

Audra Laney said...

Hil--at least Drew won't be alone in the screaming!

Anna--Yes, you were the friend I referred to! He liked stickers for a while, but he's tired of them now. Don't get me started on colors. He colored my entire kitchen floor. We're into play-doh now!

Shellaine--that's more like a nightmare!

Amy--Glad to know I'm not alone!! ;)

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