Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guess What? Random Time!

1. Teething + allergies + traveling away from home for several days= cranky, clingy little boy who doesn't want to go to bed on his own. We've gotta get this worked out before Hannah gets here!

2. Hannah's room decor is making a little progress. The bedskirt is 95% done (gotta add some pom pom fringe because I ran out on the last end piece--argh), the curtain is started (woo hoo!), and I have plans in my head. Yeah, you probably thought I was gonna say I had a lot more done than that, but having plans finalized in my head is a major ordeal these days; I can't seem to make up my mind about anything! I'll be repainting an armoire (sp?) of mine white to use for her clothing storage. (I say I'm going to paint it white. I should paint it white. We'll see if I actually take the time to sand and paint that thing in the 502 degree heat. If one furniture piece doesn't match, I'm not gonna have a stroke over it. And that's a big deal for me.)

3. Drew's room is also coming along beautifully....in my head. I've narrowed down what furniture will be leaving his room and what will be coming inside his room. Again, a big deal to have that nailed down.

4. We're building Drew a twin sized bed from Knock Off Wood. No, we've never built a thing in our lives with wood. In fact, wood scares me because splinters scare me. But who am I kidding? Andrew will be building this bed because they don't make splinter proof gloves. And my garage isn't air conditioned. I'm gonna admit here that I'm an indoor sissy.

5. Tonight I went out on a limb and put a little Sprite in Drew's sippy cup for dinner as a treat. Yeah, not my smartest move. Won't happen again. He was WIRED. Probably added to our bedtime distress tonight.

6. I'm working on Drew several appliqued tshirts for this fall/winter. I found a few ideas on Etsy, and I'm gonna see if I can copy them. So far my list includes: Frankenstein (already started), Rudolph, Pumpkin, monogrammed letter shirt, Turkey, and a Tie shirt (I've done this one before--great for starters!). Whew! He's gonna be one cute little dude!

7. Consignment sales are coming up! Do you know how happy these make me? They're about as great as Black Friday. Only maybe better because I don't have to be anywhere at 4am in the frigid cold. Mommy's Secret is this Thursday and Lil Blessings is in about 2 weeks. I can't wait to rack up on stuff for Drew & Hannah. I'm making out my list of things I really need so I don't go nuts in there. I'm gonna be smart and take something to lay my loot in this time. What better thing to take than Drew's stroller? It's practically brand new because he absolutely hates the thing. So I figure I'll get a few bucks worth out of it.

8. My son wants to potty train on so many days. He'll say he needs to teetee and runs to the bathroom. I throw him up on the potty and he gets so distracted. He wants to play with the toilet paper and the toilet lid. He asks me to name off items, namely the plunger and toilet scrub brush. He wants to turn the fan on. Then he wants to know if he'll get an M&M for sitting there. We end up sitting there for a good 10 minutes before my legs fall asleep and I have to force him down. However, 3 times he's actually done a little somethin' somethin' in the potty! Silly boy. I have NO desire to potty train him yet, but he seems to be interested in leaning that way. Time will tell!

9. Where art thou, fall? I sweated walking to my mailbox today. And a spider nearly got on my foot. I did a crazy woman dance trying to get away as a car drove by--probably laughing hysterically at me.

10. FYI: If you spray just the outside of your house for bugs/spiders, guess where they're going to go? INSIDE your house. We are learning this the hard way this week. EWWWW.

Gracious. Are you worn out after that list? I know my brain feels better to get all that out there!


Mary Ellen said...

You are so funny! He'll just wake up one day and go to the potty. Boys do strange things like that. I am seeing that girls are COMPLETELY different. BTW rest girl!

hilary said...

u r so funny

Amber said...

Hi! I found your sweet little blog once before while reading the "Mommy Come Home" series on Amy's Finer Things and then later found out we have a mutual friend... Amanda Cantrell! (Cue "It's a Small World!)

Anyway, I just popped over to tell you (not that you care, but I'm really excited!) that partly due to the encouragement I received from reading your testimony about "Coming Home", I'm finally going to be a stay at home mommy!

Again, I know you don't know me from Adam (but if you delivered your baby at Amanda's hospital, there's a chance I helped to take care of y'all) but I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to share. It really meant a lot to me to hear from another young nurse who followed the Lord's leadership home.

Thanks again,

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