Sunday, September 19, 2010

September Updates

--I need to get started on finding Drew a Halloween costume. I was all gung-ho about making him a Robin Hood costume off a tutorial I found, but have decided I have more than enough projects on my plate right now. Target will have something that will work just as well for this year.

--Thursday School (MDO) went MUCH better this last week for Drew. (The teacher said it was a better day for her as well--bless her!) I enjoyed an hour perusing the Target clearance aisles and then attended the women's Bible study which was SUCH a blessing. I'm really excited about this class!

--I got to work last week. Paid work. As in, paid with spendable currency. As in "left my kid at home and gave shots and had people not stare at me because my kid is running amuck, but looked at me like I was half way intelligent." It was a glorious, easy 4 hours. I called to check on Andrew and Drew at the 3 hour mark; Andrew's specific words were "I really miss you taking care of Drew."

--My dear friends from church are throwing me a baby girl shower next Saturday!!!!!!! I am so very excited!!!! I was just amazed that they wanted to do this, and I won't lie and say I'm not looking forward to collecting girly stuff for Little Miss. Her crocheted headbands and Gerber flower clip came in the other day; I'm in love with them! might be the death of my bank account....

--I went in to the doctor the other day to find out everything is just wonderful. Measuring right on track. :) I go back in 2 weeks and we will start my transfer over to Germantown's offices soon after that. Is it seriously time for that already?! (That reminds me....I need a hospital tour.)

--NEWSFLASH: I got started painting Hannah's room yesterday! Finally, right? I know. I did all the trim work minus the ceiling trim because I didn't have a ladder handy at the time. After that's done, the hardest part will be over. Andrew's working on Drew's twin bed a day at a time and hopes to have it finished in 2 weeks. Then the big transition will occur. Yikes!

--Today has been a glorious Sunday. Andrew got up early to help me out with our Sunday morning routine. We all left for church in a great mood and on time. We can count the number of times that's happened on one hand recently! (Bad, I know.) I enjoyed great fellowship and teaching and worship during our church's service, gave flu shots and spent time with my mom. THEN my child actually took a nap on a Sunday (*gasp*) so I've been making my grocery list and pulling up coupons. To put the cherry on top, my sweet, dear husband folded two loads of laundry for me AND put it away. Miss Hannah and I are sitting here in our semi-straightened up living room chilling out to.....listen for it.....quiet. Life is grand!

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