Thursday, September 30, 2010

Plethora of Topics--with Pictures!

How'd you like that post title? It was the most unique thing I could come up with in 3 seconds. I could very well split this up into several posts by topic, but why do that and make you open up so many different windows on your google reader? See, I wasn't being lazy. I was thinking of you. ;)

I've become so lax about putting pictures on my blog (I hear Drew's relatives giving a hearty "Amen!"), so I decided to upload a few today to update our sweet readers on our busy lives.

Here I am at 31 weeks, I think. It's all a blur these days. I really have to think about it when someone asks, "How far along are you?" My husband has to correct me and add a week onto my answer half the time. How's the pregnancy going? Well, I'm starting to remember why the third trimester is not-so-much fun, but thanks to being at SAHM, the back pain this time around is much more manageable, although still VERY present and accounted for. ;) My ribcage feels bruised all the time from my uterus pressing into it, but stretching out usually resolves it for a while. Everything else is going splendidly. I'm happy to report I only gained 1 lb in the last 2 weeks (a huge WOO HOO) and am measuring "right on the money," per my OB. Speaking of OBs, since I'll be delivering in a different hospital, I switch to start seeing their doctors in 2 weeks. I'm a little nervous about that. I'm just afraid my expectations are going to be more than what they want to meet....but we'll see. I wish we had a birthing center nearby. I think that'd be optimum for what we're wanting. However, I'm just leaving it in God's hands. He knows what's best for me and Hannah, and He's going to pave the way for His perfect plan. If that doesn't bring peace, I don't know what will!

Here's Hannah's room before with some of the furniture moved out already.

(See all the computer equipment on the bed? The hubs needs an office. And there appears to be a ghost in the bottom right hand corner.)

And here it is after 2-3 coats of cotton candy pink paint....

(where the floating mirror once was...)

With shower gifts lying in the floor ;)

I loooove the color! It's exactly what I was wanting. I spray painted her curtain rod yesterday; now all I lack are the clips and hanging the curtain to be finished with that part.

My husband is quite the talented man! Here's the start of Drew's twin bed...

Pretty good job for a first timer, right? He says he's gonna be like Jesus and be a carpenter. ;) All he lacks is the foot board and supporting pieces and paint. After that's done, Mr. Drew is gonna be the proud owner of a big boy bed!

A couple of weeks ago we had church service outside on a Sunday night. It was meant to be a cool, fall evening, but you can see by the red cheeks on my son that it was definitely not cool! However, we had a really good time.

My little boy who has never been fond of swinging got right into the swing and had himself a ball for about 2 whole minutes. His attention span usually isn't longer than that for anything, so I was impressed!

Drew has a thing for sweet little girls. Here are two of his favorites...

Ms. Anna Grace! Known by Drew as "Ann Gace!" He screams her name each time we drive by the church building. I have to also lovingly remind him that we go there to worship Jesus as well. ;)

And this is Mya, the little girl Drew is obsessed with hugging. Half the time they are hugging, he pulls her over onto the ground. So now he says, "Hug My (with no "a"). No, no, no push."

I've bee n thinking Drew would really love to jump in a bounce house...

I was wrong. He wanted his Daddy to hold him the entire time! My little daredevil is becoming scared of a few things. Surprising!

Kacie and Judd were able to come down last weekend for Hannah's adorable shower (separate post coming soon!) and we decided we would all go eat a late dinner one night while 2 different grandparents watched each grandchild. We met for dinner at 9pm (starving!) and I ate my weight in food. No kidding. I almost had to be rolled out to the car. Andrew and I got into the truck and I said, "Why don't we just drive around for a while? It's only 10:20." Y'all, by 10:23 I was falling asleep in the front seat, so these old timers rolled into the house at the late hour of 10:30. We finally got a date night and we came home at 10:30. Nice! I was so full that I was miserable! The good news....the company that night couldn't be beat!

And lastly, here's my little dude sporting a small piece of his Halloween costume. Can you guess what he's going to be? (Now that I've typed that, I think the tag shows the answer...)

Whew! So now we're caught up on pictures & recent events! We hope to get out to the zoo and pumpkin patch soon so I have no doubt I'll be behind again very soon! Stay tuned for Hannah's shower pictures!

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