Monday, October 25, 2010

36 Weeks

It's almost surreal to think that this Thursday will put me at 37 weeks. All you women who have been pregnant before know what that magic number means: full term. Yikes! This pregnancy has just soared by so much more quickly than Drew's. However, 36 weeks is as exactly as I remember it: a pain! It's like the 36th week does something to the body that leaves you with pain, odd walking, indigestion, stretch marks, the inability to bend over, etc. It's just generally not a pretty picture. You begin to lose your independence in so many ways that it's frustrating. Sleep is great some nights, horrible other nights.

My 37 week appointment is on Friday. Nothing special should happen except the numbers on the scale should go up. ;) I really like my new doctor, so I'm looking forward to talking with him again.

And here is the first real belly picture at 36 1/2 weeks....

Yikes! She'll be here soon!


Rhetta said...

I'm so excited for you, Audra! Hang in there, I know you are uncomfortable but she really will be here SO soon! I am just now starting to experience some of the minor discomforts associated with I am starting to wonder why on earth we bought a house with stairs! I get winded every time I have to stumble up or down them. Your blog makes me laugh and reminds me that it goes by so fast and to just enjoy every second!

Amanda said...

Glad to see that belly! I can't wait to meet Mr. Drew and little Miss Hannah when we come up there in December...I just hope it all works out so we can!!!

Lori T said...

Oh my; you're so cute. Your picture made me smile! Praying for your family. Love you!

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