Wednesday, November 3, 2010


In the past 5-7 days my body seems to have made several changes on me:

1. I'm not usually hungry. If I do feel hungry, it hits immediately and I'm starving. This happens maybe once every 3 days. Otherwise, I have to make myself take a few bites of dinner. The only things that really sound good are fluids, cookies, and sometimes cereal.

2. Stretch marks. Alas, I made it through my pregnancy with Drew and 37 1/2 weeks with Hannah with no battle scars to be found and now--here they are. Albeit small, they arrived! But honestly, I'm totally okay with them. They're worth it--and I never planned on wearing a bikini again!

3. Grumpiness is at an all time high. Andrew consoled me last night and claimed he hadn't noticed my general lack of appeal yesterday, but I'm wondering if he was lying. My patience is a little shorter than it has been and I just feel "blah." I don't have a desire to get dressed, put on make up, etc. I just want to make it to the end of the day and to that next doctor's appointment.

4. My clothes don't fit. Ladies, is it not so frustrating to be at the point of delivery "any day now" and not have clothes that cover your basketballed stomach? You find yourself between a rock and a hard place: waste money on 2-3 new shirts that might not even get used more than once but have a covered belly or risk letting it "all hang out" and tug and pull at that hemline for what could be another 2-3 weeks? So far my solution has been to stay at home and wear Andrew's favorite shirts. Somehow he caught the bad end of this deal.

5. Dryness. My skin and lips are so dry suddenly. I'm talking cracking and bleeding. And yes--I'm drinking, drinking as much as I can! Maybe it's the change in weather?

6. She's dropped. I should have put this at the top of the list since it's cause for lots of other changes. Thankfully, she's out of my ribs (and let the Hallelujah chorus SING!). Unfortunately, she seems to have landed on my bladder. But I'll take going to the restroom 15 times a day or rib pain any day.

7. I'm sleeping better. So much better. And I'm pretty sure it's due to number 6.

8. Hello, Braxton Hicks. Tell me you're making progress and not just making me uncomfortable. We'll find out Friday...

9. 100% nesting mode. My husband is continually joking that I'm not going to stop cleaning this house until our little bambino gets here. And unless something else changes about me, he's right!

10. This doesn't really fit on this list, but I'm adding it there for the "even number" sake. Her room is almost complete. I need to hang the letters above her wall and move Drew's boxsprings out. After the tree is up, we'll move the rocking chair to her room. It's still undecided when that grand event will take place! But other than that, I'd say it's finished. Pictures to come soon!

Let's all pray for one more major change: AN EXITING OF BABY HANNAH!


Lori T said...

I hear ya. I didn't get stretch marks w/ Abigail at all. With Lydia, it was like they didn't show up until delivery day, but I got them in about 3 different places.

Also, do you not have belly bands?? I found that I love them even more now that I'm nursing because I don't have to wear a tank that needs to be unsnapped. If you don't have any, they'd be super easy to make.

hilary said...

Oh wow! So exciting!! Let's pray it's soon:)

Amy said...

I started outgrowing the LARGE maternity shirts at around 7-8 months with Jessica (because I carry so low it all goes straight out in front...seriously, I never knew when mine dropped because they sat on my bladder the entire 9 months!!) --- this time around I got smart and bought a pair of black leggings and a couple dresses for those days I wanted to get out of the house!! Very excited for Miss Hannah's arrival, and I know no one is more ready than you! :-)

Audra Laney said...

Lori--I have a belly band. I'll have to try it as a tank with nursing! Thanks for the suggestion.

Amy--Wish I'd thought of that sooner! Good idea.

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