Saturday, December 11, 2010

Drew @ 29 Months

Bless your heart, sweet boy. Your world has been turned upside down in the last 4 weeks, and you've handled it better than any of us expected. Your love for Hannah is so evident! You ask almost every day to hold her and rock her, kiss her, and pat her. You say, "Bless Hannah!" when she sneezes and if she starts crying, you say, "Okay, Hannah. Okay..." However, if she starts crying while your movie is playing, you start saying, "Noooo, Hannah! Hear TV!!" Quite funny!

Several of us have noticed that you've seemed to calm down a little bit in the past week. It's a nice and welcomed change since you go "90 to nothing" all day long! You're minding better most of the time, but you still go nuts when company comes over. You'll do anything for attention when a new person sets foot in the house--including hit your head on the floor. Yes, you do that. ;)

My favorite recent improvement is your eating habits! Mr. Picky Pants has decided he likes something other than goldfish, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets. In the past week you've tried (and liked!) lasagna, enchiladas, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and fish sticks. Woo hoo! It's a start!

You still love to help with any and everything, especially laundry. You have some crazy sensitive ears and hear each time the washer or dryer stops, and you immediately let us know about it. You love changing the clothes out and then putting the clean ones in the living room floor and rolling in them. Funny boy! You also love to help with anything in the kitchen: stirring something, mixing, pushing buttons, etc.

You are learning so much! You are saying 7-8 word sentence out of the blue. Seriously, 4 months ago you could barely say more than a few words. Now you're making full sentences and telling short stories. I LOVE IT!

You are very interested in the potty even though we weren't pushing it AT ALL. You almost always poopoo in the potty now (yay for fewer disgusting diaper changes!!) and usually only teetee in 2 diapers a day. You stay dry for long periods of time now, minus the nighttime. We're so proud of you! You've basically potty trained yourself.

Colors are your favorite thing right now. You name every color on every item you see. The ones you know best are: orange, red, green, blue, black, white, purple, pink, and yellow. Brown and black confuse you a bit, but you're getting it.

You count some now. You make it to 6 without a problem but then you skip to 9. ;) However, you can recognize all your single digit numbers plus the number ten when written out. There are certain letters you know and will verbally recognize them when you see them somewhere. You impress us every day!

You dislike having your picture made and being told to stop doing something...which happens a lot. You're still into EVERYTHING!

You are so much FUN right now! We're so excited to spend Christmas with you this year and hope you start making memories to last the rest of your life! We love you dearly!!!

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Ben and Audrey said...

he's a cutie pie!!! i love reading about the things he is doing b/c he's just a couple months ahead & it makes me excited for Jack to do those things!

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