Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hannah @ 4 weeks


Tomorrow you are 4 weeks old! In some ways it feels as though you've always been with us. In another way I feel like I was in the hospital just yesterday. You know what "they" say: "The days are long, but the weeks are so short." True with one child. VERY true with two children.

You are such a sweet baby. You love to cuddle and be held closely. Your favorite place to sleep (we co-sleep) is with your nose barely touching my side. (That's freaking some of you out, I know!) You also love sleeping on your daddy during the day. There's something about him that puts your right to sleep, even if I've been working with you for hours! You really enjoy your baths, minus getting out and being cold! I love to hold you when you're freshly bathed. Your hair is so fluffy when it first dries, and I race to put a bow in it! I see all these little bald babies who are so much older than you, and it makes me love your hair even more! You get lots of comments on your beautiful head of hair. ;)

I'm beginning to learn all your little cries and noises and what they mean. You have this one little cry that simply says, "Humph! That's not what I want!" You're such a girl! And your lungs...they are golden, I tell you. Put them to good use one day and get a singing scholarship or something. Or maybe win a yelling contest. You could do it! ;)

You're nursing about every 2-3 hours of the night. Every now and then you'll give me a 4 hour stretch which is nice. I'm hoping you sleep through the night earlier (much earlier) than your brother did at 6 months.

Everyone was right. I love dressing you up and putting bows in your hair. I need to find a job from home so I can afford all these adorable things I want to buy you and dress you up in! I have a feeling this urge only gets worse!

I love, love, love you, little girl! I look forward to our mommy-daughter days to come!


Ben and Audrey said...

she is a beautiful baby girl!!! enjoy these newborn days, b/c as you know, they go by so quickly!!!

praying for you!!

Laura said...

Wow, she does have a lot of hair!! I'm praying for a little girl when we have one so I can play dress up too. Josh wants a boy due to the $$ aspect. :)

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