Thursday, January 6, 2011

Drew is 2 1/2!

Am I seriously half way to another birthday party for you, little man?! Shiesh! This past year has gone more quickly than any other time period, I believe. You are growing and changing and maturing in so many ways that I can hardly keep up!

You pretty much say any word you want now, but it may not come out perfectly. Daddy and I understand about 90% of what you say. You'll speak 7-8 word sentences quite frequently. I LOVE that you're finally talking so well. You're starting to say ma'am and sir. It's the sweetest thing! And I love when you say, "Tank you, mama!" ;)

You LOVE: the washer and dryer, being outside, riding you "co wheel" (4 wheeler), riding your tractor, playing in a car, taking a bath, going to Target, going to get "cokes" (sonic drinks), visiting relatives' houses, going underwater in the tub (hello swimming lessons!), your play microwave, watching Pooh, watching Elmo, watching home movies, watching Walle, apple juice, chocolate milk, scooby snacks, and helping with Hannah.

Daddy is now putting you down for your daily nap since you totally abandoned them with me. Now that he's putting you down, you go to sleep with no problems and sleep 2 hours! AMAZING. You go to bed at night without any issues around 9pm and wake up around 8:30-9am. I have no complaints here!

Your eating has BLOSSOMED! And boy are we thrilled. You've started trying new foods including: mashed potatoes, apple pie, corn on the cob, green beans (but you didn't like them), pork, chicken, fish sticks, and shrimp. This is SUCH an improvement!

You weigh 35 pounds and wear a 2T in your shirt and pants. Sometimes you can wear a 3T in the top, but your legs are short so you're always true to size in pants. You're in a size 6 diaper and continue to potty train yourself. You always poop in the toilet (woo hoo!) and occasionally tell us when you just need to teetee. We're not pushing you with it and it's going great. We're SO proud of you!

You are such a good big brother to Hannah. You always want to kiss her, pat her, pick her up(!), and hold her. The other day you said you wanted to take her head off, but we decided that wasn't a good idea. ;)

You give the best hugs, say the sweetest prayers, and are so full of life (and energy!)!

We love you, sweet boy! You are such a JOY!!!

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Lori T said...

Love this: "I want to take her head off." and how he goes under the water in the tub. lol.

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