Monday, January 17, 2011

Hannah is 2 Months Old!


It is amazing just how much a baby changes in the first 2 months of life. You have blossomed with the most adorable personality. Your daddy and I definitely see the "girly" side of you! My favorite thing is when you wake up in the morning. You are grumpy (that's not my favorite part) for a few seconds until you open your eyes; then you smile this HUGE, gummy smile that covers your entire face. You are in the best little mood! You eat and stay awake about 45 minutes, and then you're ready for your first nap of the day.

Naptimes....whew. You no longer sleep anywhere and through any noise. Sometimes you'll fall asleep in your swing if Drew will leave you alone. (That's rare!) Otherwise, if we try to put you down asleep you immediately wake up. *sigh* I really want you to be a great napper! You're 500% better than your brother already, but I want you to be able to nap in your own bed. You took one 1 hour nap in YOUR OWN BED last week, and it was fabulous!

You're still exclusively nursing, but you took your first bottle about 2 weeks ago from your daddy while I visited your great grandmothers in the hospital. Daddy says you took it like a champ! He was very adamant that he be the first to feed you a bottle. :) You're a great little eater and just moved yourself to an every 2 1/2-3 hour schedule with nursing. One of my favorite things about you is the length of time you nurse: 10 minutes MAX. That works so well because I'm always needing to jump up after our nursing session to get your brother out of trouble! ;)

Speaking of your brother, you love him! You'll smile at him most of the time, and he tries to keep you happy. He names the animals on the mobile for you and shows you his favorite squeaky turkey to make you smile. He also tells you to "shhhh" and "stop crying!" when you get on his nerves. A sign of the future, I'm sure!

You love your baths, but HATE changing clothes afterward. You're wearing a size 3 month clothes perfectly and a size 2 Pampers diaper. You like to sleep in the Moby wrap, suck your Soothie paci, sit in the swing for short periods, and watch the spinning fan.

You're still sleeping with us tonight which works well for everyone. You usually sleep from 12-5:30, then wake up every 2-3 hours after that. We finally crawl out of bed around 8:30 or 9:00. I'm thinking about starting to put you in your own crib for that first long stretch of the night, but I'm wondering if you'll sleep that long by yourself.

We love you SO much little girl! I'm having a blast taking you places with me while you sleep in your carrier (usually!). You are FUN, FUN, FUN to dress up!

We love you so much! You're the PERFECT addition to our family!


Update: Your 2 month appointment went just fine. You weighed 12 lbs, 5 oz. and were 22 3/4 inches long!

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Hilary said...

Love y'all. Cannot wait to see her!

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