Friday, February 11, 2011

Hair & Beauty Tips

Kelly’s Korner is doing hair & beauty tips today. While I only have two tips, these are worth sharing! (And now that I’m using Windows Live Writer, I can do this post in half the time blogger allowed me to before!)

Fresh Start Dry Shampoo by Tresemme is my go-to for those mornings where I don’t have enough time to wash & dry this crazy head of  hair (can we say Sunday mornings?!).  It costs around $4 at Target and is worth every penny. You simply put a few shots of this stuff on the oily areas of your scalp, wait 2-3 minutes, and brush it out. Wa-la! Your hair is fresh, not oily, and smells fabulous!


Chapstick is probably not in your eye makeup collection, but it should be! Did you know if you rub just a little chapstick on your eyes before applying eyeshadow that it will make your eyeshadow last all day? No more clumpy eyes!

So do yourself a favor and take $5 to Target to pick up these 2 items!


Brittany said...

Ive never tried either, I just might grab some next time im at target.

Mallorie said...

I've never tried dry shampoo...I've heard so much about it today! You have SUCH a CUTE blog!!!! :-) Thanks for sharing!

Meredith said...

I'll have to try your tips! Sounds great! So glad I found your blog! It's great!

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