Sunday, February 6, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Sunday

1. Heard my little girl's first real laugh yesterday as she was trying to decide if she was going to cry because she was mad or laugh because her daddy was being it ended up being a belly laugh. So sweet!

2. I could not care less about the Super Bowl.

3. I'm a first timer with all this "hand out Valentine's" stuff for kids, so I just realized I gotta jump on that for next week.

4. I'm extra thankful for dry shampoo as it kept me from being incredibly late for worship and class this morning.

5. I'm even more thankful for women at church who volunteer to hold my sweet girl so I can eat with 2 hands.

6. Today's 50 degree temp was just what we needed! We strolled around Pier 1 and found tons of stuff that we'll never buy....but it was fun to imagine.

7. I'm looking forward to our first playdate in a long time. It's this Wednesday with some friends and their girls....all in our pajamas. That's what I'm talkin' about! I don't even have to get dressed.

8. Laundry day is tomorrow. Didn't I JUST finish putting last week's away? No, wait. There's still a basket of dedicates left that never got folded.

9. O'Charley's has officially taken catfish off their menu. I found out today when I went to O'Charley's specifically for the catfish and was told it was no longer available. They should announce things like that on the news or something. I was crushed.

10. I'm being spiritually stretched at challenged in class/worship on Sundays and Wednesdays in ways I've never been stretched. And I'm liking it.

11. I'm in need of flowy shirts that hide this "I had a baby 12 weeks ago" pudge. Bring on spring fashions.

12. My little tried and true point-and-shoot camera is almost dead. And I'm having a card time reconciling spending a lot of money on a new one!

13. My 2 1/2 year old has regressed in potty training. *sigh* And his poopy diapers are WORSE. And DISGUSTING. I'm talking....I'm gagging. So nasty. We must remedy this soon.

14. We're watching Prison Break: Season 1, and I'm hooked. Scratch that. WE'RE hooked.

15. Saturday night is date night. I think I'm gonna count down the hours!


Erin said...

You always manage to crack me up with your random thought posts... wish I were there for your pajama girl playday! And by the way- you need to update your picture at the top of your blog. Pretty sure that Hannah's feelings are hurt. ;)

annabclark said...

I'm having the same laundry situation here and we have one less mess-maker at our house.

Oh, and ditto on the Super Bowl. Have no clue who played or won.

Laura said...

Try ebay for a new camera. We bought ours off of there for less than $100 a few years ago.

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