Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hannah at 4 Months

Miss Hannah,

My how you’ve grown in one month’s time! I am still ever so smitten with you. Head over heels in love! And I’m not the only one either. At the ripe age of 4 months, you have your Daddy wrapped around your tiny pinky finger,


and your brother is right next to you as long as you’re awake, hoping you’ll smile and laugh at him. He loves having his picture made with you. And you don’t mind it one bit!



! IMG_8248IMG_8384

You are such a sweet girl. You love playing on your activity mat, sitting in your bouncer, kicking & relaxing in the tub, Johnny Jumper, watching Veggie Tales with Drew, sitting in your bumbo, swinging, your passy, Drew, car rides, singing, laughing, and eating!



Oh and you REALLY love chewing on those fingers!IMG_8408

You only get fussy if you are hungry or tired. Besides that, you are one happy baby. You aren’t as easy to make smile for the camera as Drew was at this age, but when the camera is away you CHEESE IT UP!



You take fairly good naps now ranging from 45 minutes-3 hours long depending on the day. You nurse about every 3 hours which is really nice. I cannot believe you’ll be starting solids soon. Honestly, I’m not ready for that because it means pureed food is just around the corner! But I’m hoping it helps you out at night. Until just a few nights ago you were sleeping in your crib from around 6:30/7 until 11/12 and then coming to my bed with me.


One night you even slept in your bed until 3:30 am! What a blissful 3 hours of sleep I got! I’m hoping this is just your 4 month growth spurt because you are suddenly up every 2-3 hours again at night acting starved. Sometimes you’ll go back to sleep with your passy, while at other times you want a full meal. That’s okay, though. You are definitely growing from all that eating!


You’re such an easy baby, Hannah. You sleep in your carrier most of the time or just sit and stare. We went out to eat a few weeks ago and since our party was so large, it took 2 hours to get in and out; you sat in your carrier the entire time wide awake and staring. Amazing! You are fairly content to play on your mat while you’re awake or sit in my lap and then you almost always put yourself to sleep. Occasionally I’ll rock you just because I want to soak up your baby moments and pray over you.


You make me want to be a better mama already! I feel the need to learn to sew and cook so I can teach you these things. So my next “to do” is to learn how to make homemade “from scratch” rolls. And the recipe has yeast. It’ll probably take practice, but maybe by the time you’re 2 I’ll have it mastered.


You & Drew not only make me want to pursue homemaking skills, but you make me want to be a better mommy to your daddy so that I can model a respectful behavior for you to follow. God is changing me, shaping my will, and lifting my Spirit. I feel challenged to become more gentle, loving, patient, and gracious with both of you. I love that even at such a young age you are bettering me for eternity!


I love you IMMENSELY, and I hope you are always secure in that love. You have made our lives even richer! What a BLESSING you are!



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Brittany said...

she is seriously gorgeous! can't believe how fast these babies are growing up! when are we gonna plan for the next ones? kidding... kind of :)

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