Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drew at 32 Months

I know that title looks random, but I don’t know how else to title this! I have SO much that I want to blog about my little dude. He is SO funny! He keeps us laughing all day long some days!

He LOVES Hannah and anything that he can do to help with her: preparing diapers, getting wipes, throwing away diapers (woo hoo!), watching her bathtime, talking to her, holding her hand, etc.


One of my favorite things is when he goes into her room after she wakes up. He’ll go in, climb up by her crib, and very enthusiastically say, “Hey Hannah! You get good nap?”


If she is lying on the floor fussing, he’ll go over and say, “What’s wrooooong, Hannah? You want passy?” Sometimes he proceeds to shove it in her mouth as far as it will go, and we have to intervene. Winking smile


Of course he still adores being outside, but really likes it when someone is with him. If someone is outside with him, whether playing with him or not, he’ll stay out there for hours without complaint. (Bring on springtime!)


He has this new “thing” where he either does this crazy cute fake smile,


covers his face,


or scrunches his nose in pictures.


Little ham!



About 6 weeks ago, Drew gave up napping. It actually occurred while Andrew was in Phoenix for a week, and I couldn’t get both kids to sleep at once. He could still use one some days, but he seems to do just fine without them! However, if I put him in his room to play by himself for a while, 3 different times I’ve found this:


I was SHOCKED!!!!!! This is NOT my kid! But it was nice!

Remember Joseph? Drew’s playmate? Joseph does most things with us these days. The other day he went on a walk with us.


And by “walk,” I mean Drew really had him walking on the road. It was so cute!



Joseph watches TV with us, sits at the table with us, eats snacks, and even goes into restaurants and stores. He has his own juice cup and plate at times. I thin it’s adorable! Just today I heard Drew singing “Happy Birthday” to him. Ah! Precious! But apparently Joseph has an evil streak because Drew claims that Joseph pinches his stomach and hits him in the head at times. So as punishment, Drew spanks him and throws him down the stairs. We thought that punishment was a tad steep, but Drew seemed to think it fitting. Good thing we give Drew a little more mercy than that! Winking smile


This little dude is FUN-LOVING! He loves to go places and will often say, “Mama, wanna go somewhere?” He really loves “Tar-gah” (Target), but he’ll settle for “Chick fay” (Chick fil a) for a drink.


He’s so sweet about praying lately. We can’t always understand what he says, but tonight I’m positive he thanked God for some shoes, going to the zoo with mommy (it was actually PetCo—ha), and for all the vacuum cleaners. I’m thankful for my vacuum cleaner, too, bud.


He’s also into apologizing lately and making sure everyone’s feeling okay. Yesterday I hit my ankle on the wall and Drew rushed over. “You okay, Mama? You hit your foot? Poor Mama. It feel better…” Then he bent down and kissed my foot right before he hugged me. Melted my heart!

Drew is so fun lately. He likes to cuddle at times and sit right next to me while we watch TV. That’s a nice change!

But don’t get me wrong, he’s still all boy! He is LOUD and boisterous! He gets overstimulated and goes wild around other kids or company. We have a time in the church building sometimes keeping him still!


He’s still obsessive about helping with anything, but now he’s really into helping with doing the dishes and cooking. It actually has encouraged him to try more new foods since he helps make it!

He’s back in school for 2 hours every Thursday at our church and did great today! When he got out of class I said, “What did you learn about today, Drew?” and he said, “JESUS! I learn about Jesus!” Yay!!!


I could fill up this blog with tons of stories, but this boy is precious! He has his bad days, but don’t we all? The good days like today FAR outweigh the ones where I lose a little hair. Winking smile

Music to my heart!

I love this boy so much I feel like my heart is going to EXPLODE at times!

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Erin said...

I love all the pictures & stories, but the video of Drew singing has got to be one of my all time favorites! I LOVE how he says yes... definitely a southern boy! Also, Cole keeps asking for me to play the video more, more, more. Haha.

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