Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Decorating with Scripture

In the past 6 months, God has convicted me and shown me that His will that I immerse myself in his words consistently is not to punish me in some crazy way, but it's his GIFT to me! When I delve into scripture, even if it's just in the few minutes of quiet I get on some days, it always finds a way of changing me, either by conviction or encouragement. (And I need a lot of both!) It seems God knows that when I am in His word, whatever I'm needing at that time will be given to me if I simply give my time and attention to Him.

Another thing about being in God's word consistently is that when you are faced with troubles throughout the day with your kids, husband, friends, etc. your recent readings come straight to the forefront of your mind. When you are rejoicing over something, you'll reference specific scripture. You manage to find a way to apply what you've been reading at every corner of the day. It really is amazing when you find it happening to yourself!

With that said, I'll be real with you. There are some days where there isn't a long period of peace in my house until 9:30 at night! But if I can find 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or sometimes just 5 minutes of quiet time during the day to open up Scripture and read, it somehow helps me through the day. When I'm craving some Scripture reading time in the day and it's impossible at that moment, I'll turn on KLove for a pick-me-up until I can get the "meat" I'm craving later.

One of our ministers recently said, "if you start reading scripture every day, you won't recognize the person you are now in a year." Scripture is  life changing! I know it’s changing me for the better. And for that very reason, I find it so helpful to have the words of God posted around my home. They are encouraging, convicting, and helpful every single day.

For example:

These verses are on my fridge at mine and Andrew’s heights so that each time one of us is at the refrigerator preparing meals or a juice cup, etc, we are reminded of important Scriptures.


This next scripture is at Drew’s height. I originally printed it for myself to remind myself of the importance of consistent discipline. Then I wanted him to be able to have a scripture at His height, so I moved it down on the fridge. In retrospect, I would have made the verse simpler for him. For now, when I read it to him I just simplify it down to a toddler’s version.


This is the calendar in my kitchen. On almost every month I have a corresponding scripture. It not only is encouraging, but it helps with scripture memorization!


I found these at Hobby Lobby and hung them in my kitchen. I love these two verses.


This scripture cost me approximately $13 from Hobby Lobby and we LOVE it!


I put this scripture on my husband’s side of the bathroom counter since we both are in there to read it…


And this one on my side. It reminds me that even on the days where I feel ugly on the outside, the inside is truly what God cares about!


And this is the one beside my bed that I read each night before going to sleep.


If you have other ideas of ways to put scripture in your home, I’d love to hear them!


Kacie said...

Love all the scriptures. That's a great idea. I may steal it!

Amy said...

I love it! What I want to know is if you have any special way you go about finding them or if you are just lucky enough to open your Bible and NOT land on verses like "___ begot ___ and ____ begot ____." I was thinking the other day that I needed some more scripture centering in my day, but not really sure where to start. I've always had trouble starting anything!! :-)

Shannon said...

I love this and will be stealing it soon! Thanks for the reminder to always meditate on the word.

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