Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hannah at 6 Months Old

It is so bittersweet to write this post. You are becoming the most adorable baby, but it also means I’m losing my infant! With your big brother the first 6 months seemed sooooo long at times. I’ve never felt that way about the first half year of your life. It just boggles my mind that we’re half way to your birthday. NOOOOO!!!



With that said, I guess I want to keep you a baby for a long time because you are such an incredible baby! You eat well, nap well, play well, cuddle for long periods and cry for short periods. You “go with the flow” of a schedule. You smile at anyone who talks to you. What more could I ask for?! Well, yeah, there’s that-- a full night’s sleep. Besides that. 6 straight hours of sleep? Well you finally gave me that last night, so I’m happy! You’re getting there all on your own. *Happy dance!*

Six months will bring a long overdue doctor’s appointment now that everyone is finally well (knock on wood). I believe you’re about 18 pounds. Yes, quite the chunker. You are completely in your 9 month onesies, sleepers, and shirts. The pants are a smidge long, but that’s about it. Speaking of your clothes, you are so fun to dress still. I just love it. The big bows, frilly stuff, ruffled bottom pants. SO FUN.



You had several firsts this last month: first time to sit supported, first time to sit unsupported for several seconds, first trip to Grammy’s house in Greenville, and first time to meet Janet & Bubba. Grammy loved having you at her house for the first time.


Also, you got your first tooth!


(not the best picture, but enlarge it and you can see tooth #1 clearly and faintly #2)

You were 5 months, 1 week old when it popped through—the exact same time your brother got his! The second bottom one is going to pop through any day now. Amazingly, you’ve done well with the teething issue. Not usually fussy which makes me a super happy mama.


You ate applesauce and really, really liked it. I’m going to attempt to make your own baby food and see how it goes. (Writing out a mental note to research that when this note is done.) You belly laugh—a lot! And you always get the hiccups if you laugh more than twice. It’s a proven fact. Your normal waketime is about 80 minutes. You get fussy like clockwork and simply want to lie in your bed to go to sleep. I love that about you…so easy to put to sleep! At night you go down around 7:30 (moved from 6:00—yes!) and sleep on your own in your bed until you wake in the morning. The last few nights it’s been around 6am. I’LL TAKE IT! I do feed you around midnight before I get in the bed. I figured it better to wean you down off your frequent night feedings. Yeah, that and I don’t want you to wake me to eat at 1am when I lay down at 12am. I hate that. Winking smile


(Nothing to do with this post, but this is your hair right now. If that little tuft of hair weren’t at the top of your head, you’d be completely bald in the back with a head FULL of hair toward the top and front!)


Your brother is probably your favorite person. I honestly believe you look for him when you get up from naps. You scan each room quickly and light up in a big way when you make eye contact with him. All he has to say is “boo” and you start belly laughing. That makes him feel like big stuff. Winking smile He loves to make you “happy” by giving you toys…


Sometimes too many…



You are also extremely smitten with your Daddy. He can make you laugh so easily and it’s very apparent that you have him wrapped around your tiny, soft pinky finger.

The only things you’re not fond of are not being in your bed at naptime and lying on your stomach. You have not rolled over yet because you HATE being on your stomach. So I don’t make you. I don’t figure it’s a prerequisite for walking, so you can skip it!



You love nursing, bathtime, sucking on your toes, playing with your feet, chewing on anything (including your fingers), your passy, playing “boo,” playing anything with Daddy or Drew, sucking your thumb (so cute!), visiting relatives, bouncing, being held, cuddling with mama in the mornings for a few hours, and sitting up with toys.



Little girl, if I knew that 5 more babies would be just like you, I’d have 5 more! You are easy, sweet, laid back, gentle, easy going, fun, cuddly, and content. I absolutely love every minute of every day with you! I can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my life with you as my daughter! Oh God is so good!



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