Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jesus Loves Him



This little dude loves to sing. Loudly. With lots of energy. And sometimes lots of motions. So when he had to come to “big songs” (as he calls worship service) Wednesday night at church due to the major storms in the area, he was SO excited to sing. He plopped down, pulled out a song book, and waited for it to start. We sang 3-4 songs that he’d never heard before, but you know what? He sang. Loudly. With lots of energy. He was about 2 words behind everyone else, but I cannot quiet his precious heart from singing, even if it’s “off” and loud.

After a prayer, the next song leader, an older man named Ken Joines, got up to lead a song. He said, “We have lots of mamas with little ones in here tonight struggling to keep them quiet, so let’s sing one for them.” With that, he started out Jesus Loves Me. My son looked up at me with saucer-sized eyes and a huge open-mouth smile as if to say, “I KNOW this one!”

And then he sang. LOUDLY. WITH LOTS OF ENERGY. Everyone was turning around to look at him. The older people just smiled and stared. He just kept singing with the same amount of gusto. He looked around to see if other kids around him were as excited as he was. Nope. That didn’t deter him one bit. He continued on! And “Jesus Loves the Little Children” followed which he sang just the same as the first.

After church he got high fives and a sucker from random members to congratulate him on his fine singing. He was so proud. And so were his parents.

I pray he always has this pure of a heart for God, not caring what the reaction around him may be when he chooses to serve and worship wholeheartedly. I know God heart that beautiful voice on the back row last night!


Lisa Eddlemon said...

That was the sweetest thing. I was up on the front and heard it! I automatically knew it was sweet Drew!

Luke & Amanda said...

That just made me tear up a little bit. Bless him!


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