Thursday, May 26, 2011

Swimming Pool

We wanted Drew to have something more than a baby pool this summer since he a) stays outdoors most of the day and b) LOVES anything to do with water. The Y’s facilities are so expensive and out of the way, so we bought him a bigger pool…and he’s in love. I doubt he’ll be out of it much this summer!



annabclark said...

I spent several HOURS today getting our new "pool" inflated and its nothing compared to this! I better make sure Jackson doesn't see these pictures or he'll think his pool is lame:)

Amy said...

Are y'all using pool chemicals? We bought a smaller one because Jessica has developed an absolute fear of water (even the tub)! She seems to be getting used to the smaller one now, and I figure this size is the next step in desensitizing her. I just put a little bleach in the smaller one, but after a week it got slimy!

Kacie said...

Cute! He looks like he's right in his element! ;)

Audra Laney said...

Amy, we just bought some 1 week after buying the pool. You have to treat against bacteria, algae, balance the pH, other thing that I'm forgetting! Argh. Anyway, you can find the treatment at lowes for bigger pools and just cut it down to what you need for a smaller pool with some simple math. Hope that helps!

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