Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Drew! (video montage)

It is so cliché, but time flies when you’re having fun. And being your mom is just that: so very much fun. I have so much I want to write about you at this age; I just hope I can remember it all. I imagine I will come back over the next few days and edit and re-edit this post to add tidbits I’ll remember after publishing.

As for the last year, I’ll say this: they don’t say the terrible twos are rough for no reason. They were quite rocky and patience trying. PRAISE GOD it’s getting easier at times! Winking smile Your attention span is longer, you listen and obey better, and you sometimes enjoy playing by yourself at certain activities. This is making life easier. I’ll attribute this to two things: age and improvement in speech. Both have played a large role! And maybe my increased patience, grace, and realization that boys are loud and rough—that they SHOULD be that way. God didn’t make you a girl for a reason, so neither am I!

Boy, do you love to be outside. Everyone else can be sweating bullets and begging to come inside, and you’ll be continuing to play in the heat, totally red faced. You love to ride your 4wheeler and “wan-whoa-whoa” (lawn mower) all over the yard, splash in your pool, and streak around the backyard naked chasing grasshoppers, crickets, and frogs. And, yes, I do put clothes on you when you go out. But 10 minutes later you’ll be stark naked running after a random bug, attempting to stomp the life out of it. Such a boy! I just laugh and let it go. Winking smile The other day I helped you catch a big ‘ole frog and a baby frog. You thought I was pretty cool for that. (And I was praising myself on the inside for getting within 10 feet of the croaking thing without screaming.)

Every day when Daddy comes through the front door, you greet him with, “Hey Daddy! Wanna go play in the crunt (front) yard?” EVERY DAY. Your other favorite thing is cutting the grass. You just eat that up. And what better way to cool down than in the sprinkler? Outside + water= fun times for you.

You say the most hilarious things! Yesterday at your family party someone asked, “Drew, will you sing us a song?” “I can’t,” you replied. “My batteries died.” You use the word “disgusting” a lot and “dadgumit.” You may or may not have gotten the latter from me. I’m slowing turning you into a country bumpkin, I assume.

You are incredible with directions. Even on the interstate when we’re riding along, you’ll shout out that if we take that exit we’ll be at Grammy’s house…or that one goes to Senatobia. Amazing! You did NOT get this from your mother. (You’ll ‘amen’ that in a few years.)

You enjoy some TV these days (hallelujah) including Caillou, Curious George, Elmo, Pooh, and Veggie Tales.

You love your sister. I catch you hugging her all the time. You tell her, “Bwess (bless) you heart, Hannah. I wub (love) you!” You love to see her poop. I have no clue why, but you like to exclaim, “OOH Hannah, that stinks!” Getting her up from her naps is a highlight of your day. You’re excellent at making her laugh, and she grants you the laughs rather easily!

We’re continuing to work on your southern manners. You say yes ma’am and no ma’am, yes sir and no sir, and excuse me, although it takes a little prompting most times.

Other things you love: markers, toy trucks, chocolate, suckers, the Wii, singing loudly, going anywhere, visiting relatives, painting, baths, juice, helping with just about anything, and breaking stuff. You’re good at the last item. LOL!

The other day in church someone was baptized and you said, “I wanna follow God, mama! I wanna mind God and go to heaven!” It made my heart happy to hear your little voice say that, and I hope you always have that desire.

You and Hannah make me want to be a better Christian woman. I try every day to better myself in Jesus so that I can model the behavior you should follow. It’s so hard some days, but you are so forgiving and sweet on days that are rough. Your hugs are the BEST and your kisses melt me! You really enjoy reading books at night and saying your prayer—and I love it too (even though Daddy usually gets this privilege since he works all day).

Drew Laney, I sure do love you. Life with you is fun, fearless, and never boring. You are a burst of energy at every waking moment! And I wouldn’t change a thing about you! This last year has been so rewarding, even though it was trying at times. I cannot wait for what this next year of your life holds. The only drawback is that you’re slowing losing your dependence on me as you foster your own independence. It’s a good thing, but it makes me sad! That said, you will ALWAYS be my baby!

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