Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hannah @ 8 Months

So the other day someone commented that you looked like you were changing in your appearance, looking like a bigger baby and my heart dropped just a bit. I just love you so much, and you are SO easy right now that I just want to keep you little for a lot longer!


Your daily schedule usually looks something like this:

7:00am- Wake up, come to my bed, nurse, fall back asleep with mommy

9:00am- We’re all three up!


10:30- Nap while Drew and I play outside or I take a shower while Drew watches Caillou

12:00—Up to play!


1:30—Nap. Yep, you only stay up an hour and a half at a time.

3:30—Up again! Play and nurse.

5:15 or so—I try to put you down for a last nap. Doesn’t always work. If no nap, you’re in bed for good by 7:30. If you get a nap…

8:00—bedtime! (But last night you stayed up until 8:45! woo hoo!)


You weigh 18 lbs., wear a size 6-12 month clothes (9 months in Carters, 12 months in Kohls brand). Still in a size 3 diaper, but not for too much longer.

You STILL have pooping problems, but they’re getting better. Woo hoo! Thank you, God, for inventing prunes.

You love, love, love baby food. Your favorite is Gerber Vegetable Beef. You nearly kick yourself out of the chair trying to get the next bite in your mouth. Well, there’s one thing you get from me. Winking smile

Make that two things: your blue eyes! People constantly comment on how beautiful and blue they are. Learn how to work those things, girl!


Your hair. My, my, my. Long on the top, short on the bottom. I can’t bring myself to cut it because it just might make you look older. Um, no thanks. I will soon attempt some crazy looking pigtails on you. And bows are pretty much history right now. You rip those oversized puppies right out.

One new accomplishment for my laid back, lazy girl. You roll over now! Finally! The only problem is that you love to roll from back to tummy and can’t get back over. This isn’t problematic until it happens in your crib. That’s a little more frustrating for all of us. You still have no desire to crawl, but you’ll nose dive for a toy that you want. That toy is usually dancing Mickey. I would say he’s your favorite right now.


You know what your other favorite is? Passy. The ones with the animal hanging off the end. You don’t want it without the pony or monkey. It must feel weird to you. But shiesh, those animals are looking…um, ragged. So we gotta work on getting them cleaner somehow.

You still only have two teeth, but you could rip my thumb in half with them, no doubt. I know because you’ve tried! No signs of any others at the moment!


You love nursing, eating, baths, blankie, and passy.

You hate changing clothes!

You are the happiest, sweetest, cuddliest baby I know. You make mothering a baby look EASY! (And I thank you for that! Just carry that through the next 17 years and we’ll be good!)

I love you, my sweet Hannah Banana!



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