Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hannah @ 9 Months

How a month changes things!



You are no longer constantly napping which makes things easier, actually. You now take 2 naps a day, usually lasting about 90 minutes. You normally wake up and eat around 7, and go back to sleep until about 8:30-9:00. (But on occasion you’ve slept until 10!)


You get up and eat and play and go down for your first nap about 2 hours after waking. You get up, eat lunch, and take another nap around 3-4. It works out really well! Some nights you go to bed at 7:15, some nights it’s 9:00! We keep you up to play until you’re grumpy, whenever that might occur.



You’re a great eater! You eat 3 meals a day of baby food. I’ve attempted to give you some solids, but aside from bits of bread, you gag. Yesterday I actually had to do the Heimlich on you from a stinkin’ yogurt melt (which you’ve been eating fine for weeks!). You gave me quite the adrenaline rush!


You’re now in a size 4 diaper and mostly size 12 month clothes (although you can make most of your 9 month stuff still work).


(I love your sweet hands. They are so soft.)

You’re still nursing, but you’re HIGHLY distractible (read: every noise your brother makes causes you to sit up and look) and don’t want to eat nearly as often. For example, yesterday you went 6 hours before I could get you to nurse!


Your hair. So sweet, so messy. So difficult to do anything with! I resorted it sticking it in a “pebbles” on top of your head. It looks a lot better when I add a bow, but you tend to pull the bow out. Either way, it’s not in your eyes anymore!



On the crawling front…you’re not. But, you’re no longer content to sit for long periods of time. You take nose dives (face dives) into the carpet quite frequently now to get something you want. Every now and then you’ll get your legs up under you far enough to lunge forward one good time. You love to pull up with our fingers to stand now. I have a feeling you won’t be immobile too much longer. You’re interested in getting going. My life is about to become a little more difficult, I’m afraid! Yikes!



You love to say “da da” all the time, and when you’re upset I can almost make out a “mama.” Only a trained, biased ear can hear it thought. Winking smile Speaking of your voice, you love to use it. In loud, shrieking, ear piercing volumes! If you want something, don’t want something…whatever….you SHRIEK. To the point that it seriously hurts my ears. That should be fun at age eh…18 months? 2 years? Fun times ahead!


You’re so lovable. When I go to put you down for a nap, I give you your passy (love the passy, btw….you and I both) and put your blankie on my shoulder. You lay your head on my chest for a few seconds while we stand there. Those are my favorite moments with you!


You still have 2 teeth, but the 3rd is about to pop through the top any second now!



You love your mama! When you see me you get giddy and immediately want me to take you. I LOVE IT! Winking smile 


But when your Daddy comes in from work, you are SO excited to see him. You think Drew is hilarious, but are quite the cry baby whenever he bumps you. (Welcome to girl world, huh?) He’s usually very gentle with you and loves to give you your passy. Y’all are beginning to play together sometimes, and it melts my heart!



You love: mama, bathtime, warm water in a bottle, puffs, roughhousing with daddy, riding the pushcar outside, pulling to stand, rolling over, beads, different textures, pulling bows out of your hair, dancing Mickey, and Drew’s my pal Scout.


You’re not so fond of: clothing changes, tablefood (you shivered at mashed potatoes 4 times tonight upon tasting them), being sweaty (I’m with you), getting put in the carseat when you’re overly tired, and having your hair messed with.


Girl, I thank God every day for you. You are such a blessing and I look forward to every memory we are going to make together!


My daily prayers for you include: a heart that loves the Lord at a young age, peers who encourage you to grow your relationship with God further, parents who strive to be more Christlike, health, and happiness.


We love you DEARLY, my sweet Hannah-nana!



Brittany said...

how are these babies already 9 months old??? she is so sweet!!! we still need to get together one day!

Anonymous said...

She is just to sweet! I love reading your posts about the kids.

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