Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lately…in words

1. I’m thankful for friends I’ve met online (and since have never met in person) who send me devotional books in the mail. How special is that? (Thanks, Nicki!)

2. I’m equally as thankful for my 3 year old son who killed the nastiest snake-bug-with-legs on my living room floor yesterday. Literally, I was screaming, “Good job, baby! Hit it again!” as he pulverized the thing. Thank you, God, for boys!

3. I caught Drew yesterday cleaning his kitchen set. With Lysol spray. Quite humorous. He’ll make a good husband someday!

4. The other day I shook out my towel and a spider really did fall out. No lie.

5. I’m on Weight Watchers again. Not the new plus points. The old version. How? I downloaded a free app and am counting the blasted points every day. Today was my first big cheat. On day 5. Sad, huh? It was chick fil a. And it was sooo good.

6. My new motto is “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” It has been working until today. (See number 5) Apparently CFA is an exception.

7. My baby is 10 months old tomorrow. Where has this last year gone? She’s now crawling. *Tears* *More tears because I can’t keep up with two mobile kids now.*

8. This incredible weather makes me want to own a cot. Only I’d never get to lay in it because my kids require my full supervision and bugs would take it over.

9. I’m about to go to Target. Pray I can resist those cookies at the front of the store. (“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels…”

10. When all my kids are out of the “spill everything on the couch and write on the cushions with mommy’s pens” stage, I’m getting a new couch. One that is unstained. The end.


S. said...

I hear that "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" came from a website made by a girl with anorexia. Don't let it get to you too much.

Audra Laney said...

Have no fear. I clearly did not heed her advice when I visited CFA today. It keeps me out of some trouble, but obviously not extremely well. ;)

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