Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hannah at 11 Months

Hannah Banana,

How is it that you are going to be 1 year old in a month?! I feel like your babyness is slipping away before I can fully enjoy it! You’ve done a few new things this month: you’re pulling up on any and everything, you climbed 2-3 stairs and got caught just before hitting the floor, and you can stand unassisted for a few seconds.



You still have 6 teeth: 4 on top, 2 on the bottom. The funny part is the top 2 side teeth are coming down faster than your two middle teeth, so when you smile big you resemble a vampire. It’s so funny!


You still take 2 naps a day, one in the morning about 1-2 hours after waking and one in the afternoon around 2-3. You’ve slept through the night for about the last 2 weeks (woohoo!); you go down around 8:00-8:30 and sleep until about 9am. I’m so very pleased with that schedule!


You’re in the pull-up-on-mama’s-leg, hold-me-all-the-time stage. That makes some days a little more difficult cleaning-wise, but I remember Drew’s phase like this didn’t last too long. I need to remember to cherish it with you!

You mostly eat table food, only eating pureed if I need a quick fix for an outing. You really like refried beans, carrots, green beans, puffs, bread, applesauce, peaches, pears, bananas, and yogurt. And you LOVE to drink milk or juice out of a straw. You’re still breastfeeding about 4 times a day. I know my time nourishing you will come to an end soon, but I can’t believe how fast that has happened. Sad smile 


The day of putting your hair up is nearly over. You rip those rubberbands and bows out of your hair before I can get them in well! And if I actually get you to the van with your hair up, by the time we arrive at our destination, it looks like a mop is atop your sweet head!


You are such a girl! You’re quite dramatic at times. For example, if Drew tries to just put his arm around you for a hug, you look at me with fretful eyes and whine as if to say, “Mama!! He’s touching me!!!!!” I frequently have to tell Drew, “Give Hannah a little space,” because you’re so whiny about him stepping into your bubble.



Drew loves you so much! He’s been so caring with you recently, saying, “What’s wrong, babe?” when you cry or patting your back when you’re fussy. He loves to give you kisses when you go to bed and bring you toys if you are whining. You enjoy playing in his room with him and watching him dart by when he runs!


You are such a joy, my Hannah, and you are growing FAR TOO QUICKLY!

The one year mark will be here before I know it. Sad smile 

Love you, my angel!


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