Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just Wow.

Our days around here are normally pretty laid back, boring, and mundane. It’s how we like it. However, today has been one for the books. My two angels have decided to team up on me to see if they can get me in the loony bin before Christmas…or maybe before December. They’ve done a fantastic job.

The 3 year old has been especially out of character these last two days. It’s as if he’s 2 years old again and into EVERYTHING and rather defiant. I guess he’s setting new boundaries. I have no idea. Whatever it is, here’s some of what happened today:

Drew repeatedly was sneaking Hannah’s passy out of her mouth and putting it into his mouth, a known no-no. That was a lot of fun to rediscipline him every single time for the same offense in like an hour. *sigh* Messes were around every corner. Nothing unusual right?

In a brief chaos-free moment, I thought to myself, “It’s quiet. I’m running to bathroom ALONE for 30 seconds.” No sooner than I got in there did Hannah start screaming bloody murder. Upon investigation, Drew admitted to chunking a huge cardboard book at her head. Lovely. Add “battery” to his list of newly found hobbies. I put him in time out and carried Hannah with me to the bathroom. She wanted to hold my paddle hairbrush. I gave it to her to calm her down. Only seconds later did she pick up on this battery thing and whack me right on my eye/cheek. There may or may not have been a woman in the fetal position on my floor with tears at this point and a pleading with the Lord to please go easy on me. He obviously thought I was superwoman today!

After my counseling session, I left Drew and Hannah in Hannah’s room to play. When I returned just a few minutes later, they were in Drew’s room, and the only stitch of clothing remaining on either of them was Drew’s shirt. Upon inspection of Hannah’s room, there were the clothes…and a large pile of pee….on her puddling, handemade curtain. Nice! I then accidentally stepped in the soppy carpet with my barefoot. Gag me.

We got out of the house, ran an errand, and just rode around town for an entire 30 minutes of Elmo to play on the DVD system. We returned home and I discovered something else in Hannah’s room. Crumbled up bread buns all over the floor. Guess who? Drew. Again. So he had to vacuum and clean that up.

10 minutes later he walks in my bedroom with a diaper saying he wants to use diapers now. I explain that, “No, you’re a big boy now. I’m so proud that you’re in underwear! Only babies wear diapers, so we’re not putting you in one.” No sooner than those words dripped off my tongue did I hear the undeniable sound of liquid hitting a diaper. Yep. He was peeing in that diaper that was draped around his crotch. I scolded him and disciplined him and sent him to his room for a nap, since he so desperately wanted to be a baby. As I’m walking through the kitchen Miss Hannah has managed to rip out every wipe in the wipes case AND spread my entire recipe box and its contents all over the kitchen floor.

I told my husband over the phone. All he could say was, “Wow. Just wow.” That’s how I feel, too. Tomorrow is a new day, right? Right….? It better be….


Lori T said...

Girl, I hear ya. But I am so sorry. I read something in a Lucado book that stuck w/ me (the book is called On the Anvil). He said something like, when God gives us trials, we should remember that it means He thinks we are worth refining; He's not giving up on us. Anyway, he said it much better. Anyway, you're a great mommy, and I'm sorry you had a crazy day.

Cassie said...

So sorry, I know that this is not funny, but it really did make me laugh! It really does sound like "A DAY!" If anyone can handle it, it is you. I have been following your blog before you even gave birth to Drew and I have no doubt that God gives these challenges to those who can rise above them. You are such a strong, faithful, inspirational woman, and "HE" knows that!

Blessings for a brighter tomorrow.

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