Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy 12 (er...13) months, Hannah!


I'm so late on your 12 month post. Like...almost a month late! But I wanted to write in a few things for memory's sake!

The day after your birthday, 11/15/11, you walked with the walker for the first time like you'd been doing it for months!
Today, 12/12/11 you took your first unassisted steps!

Your newest favorite "thing" is to take a huge sip of your milk/juice and then open your mouth and let it all run out. You love it. Me...notsomuch. ;)

You're whiny with your brother. If he barely touches you or tries to hug you, you look at me and start whining as if to say, "Mama!!!! Don't take your eyes off me! He might hurt me!!!!"

You really like a few of the ornaments on the bottom of the tree, but you're FAR BETTER about the tree than Drew was his first mobile year. I'm not complaining!

You love to babble on and on. You say mama very clearly, dada very clearly, and bye bye when you feel like it. You know that I'm mama and Andrew is dada.

Your smile is absolutely precious and stretches from one ear to the other! Combine it with those baby blues, and I melt!

You love to shake your head to the right and left. But you REALLY love it when people do it back to you. It makes you laugh so hard that you get the hiccups!

Sitting in the fireplace is one of your favorite pastimes. Well, that and climbing the stairs. We finally had to put the baby gate up after you toppled down a few steps one day--whoops!

Favorite foods: goldfish, puffs, carrots, FRENCH FRIES (note: you are a french fry monster!), apples, pears, bananas, any bread, potatoes, potato soup, spaghetti.

Favorite activities: climbing stairs, pulling toilet paper off the roll, taking books off shelves, playing in the pantry, getting in the fireplace, playing in Drew's room (when he's not putting blankets on your head), pretending to play the Wii, pulling up on everything, walking with the walker, and taking a bath

Least favorite activities: diaper changes (let me go!), clothing changes (let me go!) and long car rides (let me out!)

You're so much fun, Hannah! Your cuddles are the best right before naptime/bedtime and your sweet, soft hands make me want to keep you little forever.

We love you, sweet baby!

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