Saturday, January 28, 2012

Drew at 3 1/2

I can’t believe my boy is half way to 4 years old. I used to think moms of 4 and 5 year olds knew EVERYTHING. Well, I was either completely wrong or I have a WHOLE LOT of learning left to do in 6 short months!


Drew has changed so much, even over the last 6 months. His attention span is longer, he is increasing in his ability to problem solve independently, he’s curious as a monkey, and he’s….shall I even say it? He’s calmer.


He and Hannah really love each other (most days….). He loves to correct her when she’s doing something wrong, give her her passy, bring her her favorite toys, give her pieces of food, picky up her cup off the floor multiple times per meal, and make her laugh. Most of the time they play really well together, and it does my heart good!



Random things as of late:

-The other day I informed him over a snack that people used to not have dryers; they hung their clothes outside to dry. That led to explaining all the other things people used to not have: washing machines, TVs, computers, lights, inside plumbing, etc. He was amazed. When he wants to discuss it, he’ll say, “Talk about that, mama. When some people didn’t have dryers. Talk about that.” So we talk about that.


-I try to give my kids a desire to think on heaven and Jesus. Some of the fruits are beginning to show, and it tears me up all the time. Drew now says all the time, “Mama, do you want me to go to heaven? You want me to go right now? You know what, Mama, I’m gonna go to heaven and see Jesus and then he’s gonna send me back to you!”


-He loves David and Goliath, Noah and the Ark, and talking about Jesus on the cross.


-His prayers go something like this lately: “Dear God, Thank you for the people in Japan (remember the tsunami like a year ago? He’s still praying about that!), thank you for our food, thank you for refrigerators to put our food in (see above history lesson). Please help Daddy to feel better and Mama not to burp anymore (pregnancy indigestion, thanks). Thank you that Jesus died on the cross and got nails in his hands and his feet and his tires (we get more nails in our tires than anyone I know). Help me to go to heaven (pronounced “hea-bin”). In Jeeeeeesus name, Amen!”


-He loves to kiss the baby in my belly and asks every day, “Is the baby ready yet?” He says it’s a girl, but has no suggestions for a name. That’s not surprising as his toy dog is named “dog.”


-He sometimes has a problem with putting his money in the collection plate. A wise woman instructed me not to force him to give. God loves a cheerful giver at all ages, so we talk about it every week and give him the choice.


-He asks me during weekly communion about Jesus dying on the cross. When someone is baptized, he tells me he wants to be baptized, too, cause he loves Jesus and wants to go to heaven. Sweet boy!


-He loves to sing in worship. It’s very loud, the wrong words, and totally off key. And it’s so beautiful!


-He is a sponge when he wants to be. He knows all of his letters, most of the sounds, examples of words that start with lots of letters, all his basic shapes and colors, can recognize his name, count to 15, and is getting better every day at counting out certain amounts of an item. We’re still working on sequencing, and he has no interesting in coloring/drawing/writing letters or numbers, etc. So we don’t force it. It will come!


He loves: playing outside with someone, the bounce house, going to the movies (only been twice—Pooh and some Arthur Elf movie), Chuck E Cheese, painting, playing in the mud, riding his Jeep and 4Wheeler, his booster seat, macaroni and cheese, chocolate milk, juice, suckers, gum, pizza, ice cream, Candyland, Don’t Wake Daddy, big boy underwear, helping Daddy with anything, screaming, running, Thursday school, “big songs” (adult worship service), singing, Winnie the Pooh, Dora, Thomas the Train, Elmo, Veggie Tales, and visiting with any family member who will take time with him.


He melts my heart, this boy of mine. I’m seeing the fruits of lots of labor from the last few years START to pay off. And it is very sweet and satisfying! It is still constant teaching and training all day long most days, but God is showing me that this is normal. This is grace. This is his will. And I’m molding into that will, sometimes with lots of struggling. But God is good. He is faithful. And he can lead my boy to Him amid all of our mistakes.

I love my Drew-man and know the next 6 months are going to continue to be so much fun with ball of joy and energy!

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