Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We Have an Announcement…


BABY #3 is coming!!!!


I’ve known for almost 8 weeks now and already posted on facebook, so I figured since I have a few minutes to spare this morning, I’ll make it official in blogging world and jot down the things I want to remember.

How about a Q&A session to mix things up a bit?

How far along are you? You know, my doctor keeps bouncing me all over the place, so I’m just gonna say what the ultrasound tech agreed with me on. I’m 11 1/2 weeks right now and due around August 12. The tech and the paperwork can’t seem to agree, so I’m going with the ultrasound tech. Winking smile

Was it planned? God holds our plans, even though we weren’t going to start trying until the spring. We are thrilled that he has blessed us in this way!

How did you find out? I was finishing up some Christmas shopping in Target in early December around 10:30pm one night. As I was pushing the basket, the nausea rolled over me. I immediately thought, “I’m either pregnant or I’m getting a stomach bug.” When I got home, Andrew was asleep on the couch, so I quietly unloaded my items and headed to take a test. I sat it on the ground, fully expecting that I was going to be up all night with a stomach bug. I blinked several times. I slowly picked it up off the floor. As faint as could be, there was the second line showing up. I was shocked in the best way possible. I went and sat next to my sleeping hubs. “Honey, are you up?” I asked. “No,” he mumbled. “Well, you better wake up because we’re pregnant.” I smiled. His eyes shot open. “HUH?!” he said. I showed him the test, we talked about how excited we were…..and then he went back to sleep. Men. Winking smile So I called my sister to share the good news with her. Little did either of us know that SHE would find out TWO DAYS later that she was also pregnant!!!! So we’re having a ball sharing our pregnancy issues and complaining to each other with normal stuff that no one else wants to hear about!

Age differences? Hannah and baby number 3 will be 21 months apart. Drew and baby number 3 will be 4 years apart.

Do you want a boy or girl? I’ll skip the “I just want a healthy baby” answer since that’s everyone’s primary hope, right? Due to the age difference, I would love for Hannah to have a sister close in age like I had growing up. But I’m 110% comfortable in having another boy if that’s what God blesses us with. I know he knows far better than I do! And Hannah would be very well protected with 2 boys in our family! (Sidenote: I dreamed I had an ultrasound the other night and it was a girl! Andrew has full bets on a sweet boy!)

Are you done after this one? Likely not. Winking smileFor some reason we both want a large family (not 19), but we’ll see what God puts on our hearts as we journey down the path of having 3.

Reaction from the kids? Hannah has no idea, and Drew is thrilled. He asks every morning, “Is the baby ready yet?!” He recently told my very pregnant (38 weeks) friend, “My mama is gonna have a baby, but it’s not ready yet. Her tummy has to get REEEEEAL big like yours!”

Where are you going to put it? Yeah, you probably didn’t have that question, but that was my initial thought after seeing those two pink lines! We have a 3 bedroom house with an unfinished area upstairs. We’re planning on finishing the upstairs area very soon (the hubs has already gotten the floor insulation done and most of the boards screwed in the floor). Hopefully, Drew will move up there and new baby number 3 will occupy his room downstairs. Another napping baby next to the kitchen and ice maker….that’s the bane of my existence! (Note to those without children yet reading this blog: don’t do that. Crazy people who had FABULOUS sleepers will tell you that your baby will “get used to it.” FAT LIE. They might not. Take both my kids, for example. So do yourself a favor and don’t put your kids’ rooms next to a major noisemaker in your house. You’ll kick yourself at every shortened naptime for doing so.)

Symptoms so far? I dealt with a fair bit of nausea and a larger dose of indigestion in the beginning, but around 9 weeks it subsided and my life has gotten back to semi-normal. My main difference is that instead of going to bed at 1am and sleeping until 8:30am, as was customary, I’m now falling asleep before 10pm most nights and waking around 7:30am….in a good mood. Refreshed. Ready to start the day. My mother can’t believe it. Neither can I. But it’s working out really well and I’m liking being up and ready when the kids awaken.

Whew….I think that covers it! Again, we’re SO excited, and I’m just praying that God keeps pruning me as a mom as I open my heart to his will. I know that he is faithful and he will see me through in this incredible work of motherhood!


Shelli said...

Congratulations! We have 2 {Finn 3 and Wells 1} they are 22 months apart and I will say it was crazy at first but now they love playing together! I have been having thoughts of having another now! We will see what God's plan is for us! Good luck! Your 2 are soso cute!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to y'all!! I actually saw the news on your sisters blog - how fun to share this journey together again!

annabclark said...

yay! so happy for you:) and glad to see you blogging again!

Amanda said...

Congratulations to you guys! Another baby is so exciting! You and my sis-in-law are due the same week. It'll be fun following both of your pregnancies!

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