Thursday, February 23, 2012

Embrace the Mess

I was talking to my friend, Natalie, in my driveway today. We were expounding on our young mom's bible study. I revealed to her that I really struggle with embracing activities that make a mess, regardless of how much fun they may be. As I turned to answer Drew calling my name, I saw them. Both of my children. Sitting there in their own little mudpuddle they'd just created, Hannah covered from head to toe in mud. Drew splashing mud every.where. As my mouth hung open wide enough to catch the early mosquitoes everywhere, Natalie reminded me to embrace the beauty of the moment as she drove away. I sighed and laughed aloud at God's sense of humor. He had to have been listening to our conversation.
So we made mud pies. And ruined some good clothes. And took pictures. And made fun, messy memories. And mama smiled the whole time!


1 comment:

Jackie said...

I know how you feel......I need to embrace the mess more too. :)

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