Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hannah @ 16 Months

Hannah love,

You are becoming a little girl right in front of my eyes, and I can’t seem to figure out how we’ve gotten to this point so quickly. Was it not 2 weeks ago that you laid around and cooed and slept all day? Sure seems like it.



But now you’re up and going! You’re everywhere. Into everything! Specifically: the trash cans, toilet paper rolls, cabinets, refrigerator, dirty clothes boxes, DVD baskets, book cases, CD cases, etc. You love to empty out things (and sometimes put them back).


You’re saying more words: Daddy, Mama, byebye, heeeeey, ah oh, cracker, and possibly thank you. We can’t quite decide if you’re trying to say thank you or not. Winking smile 


You’re in a size 5 diaper, a size 12-18 month/18 month clothing, and size 4 shoe.




You drink juice/chocolate milk like no child I’ve ever known. When you get your cup, you sometimes only come up for 1 breath during the entire gulping of the cup of juice. And then you pee a tremendous amount at one time…hence the size 5 diaper.


You’ve decided you’re a fan of the outdoors—hooray! Your brother was relieved when you made it known you no  longer loathed grass. Mud is your BFF and you ate dirt the other day. Winking smile You enjoy riding in your push car, playing in leaves, riding in the jeep with Drew, riding in the wagon, and sliding down the slide. Sometimes I let you and Drew out in the backyard and you usually play together really well. Then you’ll decide you need an adult out there with you, so you come inside, grab my hand, and pull me back out. A woman who knows what she wants—that’s a good thing, right?



You love: passies, babies, Elmo, sleeping, wearing shoes, painted toenails (painted them for the second time last night), juice, bananas, baths, showers, Dora, dancing, singing, jabbering, Fridge farm, spaghetti, pizza, green beans, peas, lima beans, ice cream, and french fries. Strangely, just like your brother, you love helping with laundry. However, you aren’t OBSESSED with the washer and dryer like he was—thank goodness! Winking smile


You dislike: being woken up, not being with mommy, your bows (sometimes), Drew messing with you (!), being told “no,” and being left in class at bible class/worship.


Your smile is so adorable! Two molars have cut through and more are on their way. Bless your sweet heart!



You can point to your eyes, your nose, your hair, and your ears. You really love to point to my nose, then insert your finger into my nostril until you nearly touch my brain. You think that’s funny and do it every time before I lay you down for naps. And this crazy mama lets you because it makes you laugh!


You sleep from about 8pm-9am which brings no complaints from me! Then you nap for 1 1/2-2 1/2 hours in the day. During that time, Drew and I usually do something fun and I take a shower. It’s a desperately needed down-time! But when you get up, we usually play outside which thrills you!


You’re beginning to understand and follow commands: sit down, go to your chair, put on your shoes, take off your shoes, hold your arms up, get the baby, get the ball, etc. I can’t believe you’re old enough to “get” those things yet. SLOW DOWN!!


Oh sweet girl. I just love you. You melt me when you take hold of my hand, when you laugh and run, when you lay your head on my shoulder at bedtimes. I just want to soak you in and slow life down a little. Drew grew up quickly, but it seems your life is going even faster.


I absolutely love having a daughter and can’t imagine how wonderful the next several years with you are going to be. You are so special, and I know God has great, great plans for you! I look forward to seeing you grow and your heart mature and having deep spiritual conversations with you and teaching your sweet heart. I pray we will always be close and use our foundation of our love for Jesus as our largest commonality.


You are loved, my baby. So much!




Leslie G said...

That picture of Drew with his arm around her while she's crying- hilarious! I feel like I have dozens of that exact same picture (my kiddies are 3 and 1 too)! She is such a cute girl!

Anonymous said...

She is so pretty :)

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